Comprehensive Guide to the Spyware for Android

The android spyware app enables user to remotely track a cell phone device or tablet running android operating system. The end-user of the app can monitor and operate the targeted device via online portal of the spyware. The main beneficiaries of the cell phone tracker software are families and business persons who use the app to keep their children and workers under surveillance. This article discusses the functionality, features, pluses and minuses of the android monitoring app.  

How Android Spyware Works

To remotely monitor the usage of a cell phone, you need to get that phone installed with the spyware app. Some monitoring apps only support rooted devices, whereas the apps like TheOneSpy also allow tracking unrooted mobile phones. The spy app can be installed on the targeted phone very conveniently. During installation process, the user can show or hide the app icon on the targeted device. If you hide the spy app icon, the target cannot find the app on the phone. It remains undetectable by anti-virus programs as well.

After successful installation and activation, the android surveillance app gets access to the data saved on the phone. This data includes messages, contacts, call logs, media files and important stuff. The app uploads the entire data to the online portal. The end-user can log into the online portal through personal mobile phone or computer and can retrieve data anytime. The app also allows sending commands to the targeted phone to control operations and make it perform certain actions.    

What Android Spy App Can Do?

Every spy app differs in features, compatibility and pricing. We have discussed here the core features of the high-tech android surveillance app TheOneSpy.

Monitor Social Media

Using the spyware app, you can supervise activities performed on social media apps. The apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat and Line can be monitored without accessing the device. You can track chats, posts, friend-lists, events and activities performed on the social and instant messengers.

Track SMS & Calls

The surveillance app lets you monitor messages and phone calls made and received via targeted device. It creates online backup of SMS, MMS and instant messages. Moreover, it records incoming and outgoing phone calls. The app also provides contact detail of communicators.    

Manage Phonebook

The parental control app allows monitoring and managing Phonebook by adding and deleting contact numbers. The additions and deletions can be made via online control panel of the app.

Surround Recording

The high-tech surveillance apps like TheOneSpy offer surround monitoring. The app allows turning on camera and microphone of the targeted device without physical access. The end-user can capture surroundings by taking photos and making videos remote controlling front and back cameras.

Track Browsing History

The internet usage of children can be supervised by getting their devices installed with the spyware app. It gets access to the internet browsing history of the devices to let you find out the websites visited through the monitored phone.


The app records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted phone. It includes keystrokes of passwords, usernames, email addresses and confidential information put on the device.

Remote Control Apps

The apps installed on the phone can be blocked, unblocked and uninstalled right from the web portal. This enables parents to manage the mobile phone use of children and limit their screen time by restricting their access to engaging social media and gaming apps.

Screen Recording

The powerful surveillance apps enable users to capture screens of the monitored android devices. It enables you to capture the real-time cell phone activities of the target. You can also take screenshots to capture screen with a certain interval.

What are Pros?

  • It allows tracking social media activities.
  • It allows limiting screen time of kids.
  • It offers parental controls for mobile phones and the internet.
  • It enables parents to protect kids from the potential threats.

What are Cons?

  • Some android spy apps only support rooted android devices. By rooting the smartphone, you put your device at risk of viruses and hacking.
  • These apps are expensive.

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