Can digital printing is better than offset printing?

Digital printing has specific attributes that make it far better than Offset Printing, including variations, ease-of-use and artistic utility.You can use this app print app for android



It sometimes becomes a dilemma to decide the printing technique you want to adopt for your next project. For most printing work, digital and offset printing is recommended. But to choose between these two is not an easy thing to do. Making the right is very important for your business. 

Minimal set up:

Offset requires particular set up for it. It involves a lot of machinery and other items. When it comes to choosing between these two, it comes down to the volume that is needed. Usually, offset impression is considered better for more substantial amounts, but businesses do not always require large quantities printed. Hence, generally, digital printing is much better. 

For instance, if you want to print out 500 copies of something, you will need to make 500 sheets and 500 copies. But if there is a booklet that has 50 pages and its 50 photographs are required, it means you need 2500 sheets but only 50 copies. 

All of this suggests that one needs to ascertain the number of sheets and copies required. Printing using offset always comes with high setup costs.



Time is money; it is said. Businesses know very well the value of time. For them, time literally is money since their sales depend upon it. If you go for an offset on custom printed boxes, do not expect your job to be done quickly since it is more time-consuming. One the other hand, digital prints can be taken on the same day. There is a lot of walk-in facilities operating that serve you on the very same day. High quality and high volume laser printers are used to produce materials digitally which have the edge over offset methodology.

When your custom packaging reaches the stores on time, you are definitely going to gain from it. But if you use the method that is outdated and delays your printing process, there is someone else who understands this and putting their items on the shelves. 


Who does not like a beautiful painting or a well-crafted calligraphic piece? Here digital medium also takes the lead by giving fine artists what other methods cannot. Art is gorgeous, and it has to be replicated, there should not be any discrepancies or shortcomings in the copies that are produced. 

It has turned out to be the best friend for artists since they can use it easily. It gives them high-quality copies of their artwork without any hassle. If a text was required, artists had to produce it by hand again. It is not easy to replicate an artwork in which an artist has already put all his efforts. Or they had to settle for an average copy. Those were their only options.

With the advent of modern, digital technologies, their workspace has transformed. Today, dedicated printers are being manufactured and sold that are known as fine art inkjet printers. Artists own them and can operate them whenever they want. They also give them the flexibility of using different colour schemes to allow their creativity to take full hold of the process.

None of this is possible using offset printing. While it does produce copies of artworks, those are not even close to what is possible digitally. 


One of the everyday demands in the modern print industry is variability. If there is no variation in custom printing, you are basically stuck at where you started. Previously, two steps needed to be completed in order to make any variations to the materials. One had to print the colourful shells on the offset and then go to the digital medium for making modifications. 

Now it is possible to do it all only using the digital medium. It is now even possible to make changes in different pieces without hindering the speed of the process even a bit. 

Low Cost:

It is often remarked that digital printing is only suitable for limited printing while for more substantial volumes, offset is the better option. But let us break that down. Digitally, you bear fewer costs if you are printing small to medium sizes. Most orders received are not significant. They are either small or medium-sized. It does not matter whether you do it with inkjet or laser printer. Both offer great value for money and are the best printing.

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