Common Smartphone Uses that Everyone Should Know

The smartphone is one of the essential things that everyone uses and own in their daily life. A smartphone can make your life a lot easier than you can imagine.

Whether you have an android phone or an IOS phone or maybe windows phone, you can quickly get help from them if you follow the below hacks.

Here are some common Smartphone uses that everyone should know.

You can Back-Up your Photos

You can set up your phone automatically to back up your photos online. By this, you will never lose any of your pictures or videos even if your phone is damaged or stolen. For the IOS users or the android users, you can smoothly go to your setting to automatically backup the photos anytime, or every time you are connected with the internet.

Get fixed of Siri’s pronunciation

If you want to stop Siri from mispronouncing the names or words, then you can quickly fix that. There’s a simple tactic you should know to change that. Enact Siri and advise her to pronounce name or word she generally mispronounces.

After she says the word, what you have to say is that “you are pronouncing the word wrong,” and you can state the name appropriately. Lastly, you’ll be given choices to choose the correct one for Siri’s pronunciation. It is the way you can quickly get this fixed in just a few minutes.


You may be lost in your way while you are driving or walking on the road, or maybe you want to go to a restaurant or mall near you. So now you don’t have to buy the paper maps or a separate gadget. Presently all smartphones have FREE voice-guided, map applications. Your phone will automatically know the location of where you are. After that the only thing you have to do is type where you want to go, and the map will guide you.

By this, you will never get lost in any of the routes while you are going somewhere. It is one of the most amazing things you have on your smartphones.

Shortcuts of Emojis and Text

In case you’re anxious to spare yourself sometime while typing, then you can add some text replacement, which will be your shortcuts on your phone.

On your iPhone, open Settings, click Keyboard, then click the Text Replacement. In the upper right corner, press the addition symbol image, and you’ll be told to add states that you’d like to type shortcuts or use emoticons. Later on, when you type those characters or images, the word you’re going for will come up.

In this way, texting or chatting will be easier for you as well as will save a lot of time of yours.

You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows Live

If you are willing to watch a series but not on your phone rather than on a big screen. Then here is a perfect option for you. If you are an iPhone user, then swipe up your screen, and there you will find an option for Screen Mirroring.

Now all you need to do is just click, open your screen mirroring application, stand adequately near your Apple TV, and type intheAirPlay password, whenever incited.

Fortunately, the same can be done with an Android smartphone.All you need is a Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled gadget. Even if you don’t have an Apple TV, you can still enjoy this feature with your iPhone by installing other apps in your PC by using the mirroring feature. Or, you can also look for online discount codes to save money on subscribing to online streaming site.

In all reality you need to keep up with the technology because it moves fast. If you really want to take all the advantages from this cool device then you better be aware of the updates coming.

Avoid the Ads which Pop Up While you Play Games

By turning on your airplane mode or by turning off your internet, you can easily avoid the ads while using any app on your phone. By doing this you can feel free to play games without any interruptions. Even if you see an advertisement that offers a voucher code, then ignore it as there are many sites you can use to get your discount.

But for the ads which even come after turning off the internet and by turning on the flight mode. You can clear your cache and can easily enjoy advertisement free playing.

The makers of the games, as well, understand the requirement for an option that can disable the pop-up ads while you play games. To put a conclusion to the client’s misery, numerous best cellphones have a devoted Game Mode that maintains a strategic distance from ads. Whenever upheld, this component can be found in the Settings menu of a smartphone.

Bottom Line

These essential tips will help you to bring some help in your life. Smartphones are very important and if you surprisingly still don’t have one, then it’s about time you spent some money on it.

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