PUBG 5.2 now live with Labs

PUBG 5.2 is now up and running for both PC and console players, and the most important change is the introduction of PUBG Labs, defined as “a new destination for where you can try our latest game modes and help us refine them into greatness.” The Public Test Server is free for anyone who already owns a copy of the game.

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User feedback is very important for online games nowadays and the latest PUBG Lite PC , labeled 5.2, comes with a big improvement in this area: PUBG Labs. Obviously, there is more to this update to Season 5 than just the aforementioned¬†“new way for you to contribute to the evolution of the Battlegrounds.”

Available for both PC and console players, PUBG 5.2 comes with a facelift for the Vikendi map that aims to bring effective sniper strategies into focus, a Spike Trap, as well as a few quality of life improvements to console controllers. 

Back to PUBG Labs, we should add that this community-driven space will offer multiple experimental features to try out before they are being perfected and eventually turned into permanent game additions. The list of such features includes play modes, rule sets, and maybe even some new vistas.

In addition to the above, PUBG 5.2 also comes with a wide range of minor tweaks and fixes to gameplay balance, terrain, and towns in Vikendi, a Way Point feature, auto attachment, weapon impact sounds, swimming and diving balance, and more.

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