ibis Paint X – Apps on Google Play with Latest Features

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ibis Paint X – Apps on Google Play with Latest Features

Ibis Paint X is basically a creative drawing app which helps its users to show the creativity of their artwork with their friends. It helps in doing photo editing as well as photoshop style art which also include some amazing features for manga as well as anime artists, many of which have traditionally been exclusive to drawing applications. This app has been used more than 45 million times in total by the users for drawing as well as editing purposes. This app has the capability to draw exactly the images the users dream up.

Ibis Paint X app comes with some handy tools as well as settings which specifically made for the users who like drawing. Not only this but also the users can also share it through the live stream as well as social media. Apart from this, it is featured with some tools such as layers, full RGB and HSB colour palettes as well as multiple brushes. Now let us have a look at the features of this app.

Layer Tools
This tool helps its users to add layers on top of the canvas. Once you complete the canvas and it does not satisfy you then you can adjust it as per your needs as well as add various other features.

Brush Tools
This feature provides to its users multiple numbers of brush options which solely depend on the style of drawing. Not only this but also it has the various number of brush functionalities like thickness to customize the photo minutely. To this, the users can adjust the opacity by using the Quick slider.

Material Tool
The material tool allows its users to edit the nature and its appearance it’s the canvas just by making some tweaks in tone as well as texture with over 1200 options. There are certain features such as eraser which helps the users to instantly make the changes in the picture. Apart from this, the app has drawing support choices which help in enhancing image stabilization. All these features together work smoothly for both Android and iOS devices such as iPad as well as iPhone.

Colour Picker
Colour picker helps the users to select colours that they like to use in their drawing from the colour wheel. Once the drawing is done, they can save the colour in the palette for future use. All these options make this app one of the most useful apps among all other apps available in the App Store for digital artists.
The users have to use this app regularly to get used to it. Once you get used to it, it will help you to use the app’s features efficiently. There are a couple of tutorials in the app which are convenient in letting its users know on how to use this app correctly. People can download the Ibis Paint X for free and enjoy all its features. However, there is a paid version as well which will provide ads-free services. The developers of this app have also designed APK and IPA version to make the app available for all the users.

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