Footlocker Homeview: Good, Bad, Links and Why Is Not Working [2020]

Footlocker Homeview: Good

The most importantly the salary package is great if you break it down to working 48 Hours or less. Most other employees are great people to work with and get connected socially easily. Customer contact can be a fun, fast-paced environment makes most days go by quick.

Footlocker Homeview: Bad

Sometimes you have to work over 50+ hours per week, up to and including 82 hour work weeks in the footlocker homeview . That’s very stressful. There are no holidays off in addition to your regular work week, often 6 days work weeks. Open to Close shifts more than 2 times a week suck! Very suck! The time allotted to complete tasks is generally unreasonable and the amount of workload at times is way too much. Redundant paperwork, antiquated POS system, an antiquated file system, antiquated training.

Old school thinking needs to be thrown out, fresh young minds willing to be trendsetters and not followers would be a great start. Merit increases would be a nice addition, a better quality of life for Managers. There are many other employers that don’t have a 50+ hour work week in their vocabulary in the footlocker homeview !

Foot Locker Employee Benefit: Employee Discount

The Foot Locker Homeview us offering 30% off every day, but new releases and popular products are not included in the discounting list. Three times a year (typically a Thursday-Saturday) you are offered a 50% off discount, but it’s only able to be used for in-store purchases.

Here’s more review about footlocker homeview:

“Simply wake up to Learn new Faces and agree/disagree with the Management sometimes. The work culture was a Mixed race. And the hardest part would be remembering how many sales you made in the day, but I enjoyed the Customers.”

“I love shoes and I love people a lot so it was a pretty easy job to me the only thing I would say is that if you work certain days it’s easy to make a lot of money because on release dates of shoes u get them sale versus a normal Monday or Tuesday where it is hard to do”

“If you enjoy always looking over your shoulder then this is a great job for you. The pay is absolutely horrendous and everyone that works their is cliqued up.”

“Foot Locker is a great company to work for. I’ve been working for the company for some time and they have been very flexible with your daily schedule.”

“Opening the store on time. Setting up new sales and logos if need be. providing great customer service. making a schedule for part-timers and the end of the night balances and bank drop. I learned sales technique and store management skills. Management was happy to help you with anything you needed to succeed. the culture was positive and upbeat. The hardest part was a big sales set up. on enjoyable was helping customers.”


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