Top 10 Anime Cats

There is only one thing that can measure with anime and cats. You get it when you put the two together. Anime Cats! And, there are so many of them. Basically, cats appear in almost every anime or manga. Randomly. I think that is because Japanese people really love cats. They even have Maneki-Nekos (lucky charms in a shape of a cat). But, besides those random cats that hardly anyone notices, there are those anime cats that win our hearts. There are those that are the main stars of anime/manga and those that are not main characters, but in audience eyes they are crucial. In this article, I present you my personal choice of top 10 anime cats!

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Top 10 Anime Cats

Note: The list of anime cats is ordered randomly. First one doesn’t necessarily represent the best one. Thus, the last anime cat that is in the list doesn’t necessarily represent the worst out of best.

1. Happy (Fairy Tail)

Best anime cats
Happy – Fairy Tail

He appears in Fairy Tail and he is the best friend of the main protagonist (Natsu). Happy is one of the anime cats that can’t go unnoticed. And, he is really a unique cat. Why? Because he can grow a pair of white feathered wings! Yes, Happy is a cat that can fly! This ability is called Aera. And, he can fly fast, very fast. This is not the only unusual thing about this anime cat. Natsu found an egg one day, and he assumed that it was a dragon’s egg. But, instead of a dragon, here comes the kitty. From an egg!! Blue, rectangle cat with big black eyes and white belly. At least he can fly like a dragon. Happy also knows a lot about magic. Nevertheless, he has typical cat traits. Happy absolutely loves fish and hates dogs. Surely, one of the best anime cats.

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2. Arthur (Code Geass)

Best anime cats
Arthur – Code Geass

This black and gray anime cat with yellow eyes appears in Code Geass. Firstly, he appears in “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” fifth episode “The Princess and the Witch”. But, he gets a bigger role in the next episode “The Stolen Mask”. To make things even better, Arthur is the one who stole that mask. Unintentionally, of course. He was just clumsy, I would say. Just like most of the cats. After that, he is being chased all over the school grounds by a bunch of students. Later on, in the anime, a student council decides to adopt him and choose a name for him. And, although there were many name suggestions, with one of them being “Lelouch the second”, the name Arthur remained. It’s because Euphemia already gave it to him, and she was the one who found him. And, for me, the sweetest thing about Arthur is the way he always bites Suzaku.

Are you interested in watching Code Geass? You can find here: Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion Season One

3. Chi (Chi’s sweet home)

Best anime cats
Chi – Chi’s Sweet Home

This adorable cat is the main character of the anime “Chi’s Sweet Home”. She is a totally “kawaii” white-gray cat with black stripes. She belongs to the Yamada family, and she absolutely adores her young owner Yohei Yamada. Basically, this whole anime is based on Chi’s everyday adventures and ups and downs with her family and friends.  Truth to be told, this anime is more cute than interesting. It is totally kid’s appropriate and not for some more mature crowd. But, this cat still belongs in a list of best anime cats!

Would you like to read Chi’s story? You can find the first volume of manga here: Chi’s Sweet Home 

4. Luna (Sailor Moon)

Best anime cats
Luna – Sailor Moon

This anime cat is the main character of the anime “Sailor Moon”.  And, she is not a regular cat. She is a black guardian cat. Luna comes from a planet of cats, Mau! But, she belongs to the Moon Cat species. In anime, she can also transform into a human! Unlike, the other two main characters, Artemis and Diana (in Sailor Moon manga, all three characters can transform).  But, let’s not go into the story too deep. It is just important to mention that Luna is quite a lady. She acts firmly. but with respect towards others. Also, Luna is very polite and she cares about others. She takes her duties very seriously. And, even though we can see her kinda clumsy and playful cat side, she is a really intelligent being.

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5. Morgana (Persona 5)

Best anime cats
Morgana – Persona 5

This cat is a member of a persona user group “Phantom Thieves of Heart”. Morgana is the cat that wouldn’t go into the most likable or nice anime cats list. Because this black and white cat with blue eyes is rather arrogant, rude, sarcastic, patronizing and egoistic. But, he certainly is an important part of his group. He is calm and handles well in difficult situations. And, even though he has a bad attitude, he definitely deserves his place on the best anime cats list. Morgana is quite a unique character. He can transform into a form with human attributes and traits. In this form, he also has a big head and eyes. But, that’s not all. In addition, he can also transform himself into a van.

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6. Madara aka Nyanko (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

Best anime cats
Madara aka Nyanko – Natsume’s’ Book of Friends

It took me some time to decide would I put this character into the top 10 anime cats list. It’s because of the original form of Madara aka Nyanko. In original, he is a large youkai that looks like a white wolf.  So, basically, he isn’t a cat. Nevertheless, he usually transforms himself into an adorable, little Maneki-Neko (Japanese lucky cat). And, the ones that have little or no spiritual energy can’t see his original form. Madara is one of the main characters in “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. He is the bodyguard of another main character Natsume. He is sometimes selfish and condescending. But, later in the story, he becomes more friendly. Madara aka Nyanko can also be funny as a character. He loves to get drunk with sake. Also, he loves food, bullying dogs, chasing and playing with toys. Yes, he is a cat!

If you want to read “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, you can find the volume 1. of the manga here.

7. Sakamoto (Nichijou)

Best anime cats
Sakamoto – Nichijou

This cat is a black, middle-aged anime cat in “Nichijou”. His name was originally Taisho until he ran away from his first owner.  After that, Nano and Hakase found him and gave him a name Sakamoto. Sakamoto truly is one of the best anime cats characters. He can be extremely funny to watch. As we already said, he is a middle-aged cat, and he likes to act like that. He does have a playful cat side, but he won’t ever show it to Nano and Hakase. Sakamoto acts condescending to them, showing his authority. But, when it’s needed, he acts helplessly like any other cat. Basically, he acts in the way that suits him in the given situation.

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8. Chimera (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai)

Best anime cats
Chimera – Chuunibyou demo Koe ga Shitai

This anime cat appears in “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai”. Chimera is a domestic, gray and white, female cat.  She wears fake pink wings. She is one adorable, chubby cat with green eyes. Also, on her backs, She wears fake pink wings. Rukka is the one who found Chimera and named her. But, she couldn’t keep her because of hers roommates allergy. Because of that, Rukka argues with some of her friends about who should take Chimera. In the end, Chimera ends up with Yuuta. Later in anime, she gives birth to six even cuter kittens (blue, black, white-green, pink, yellow and orange)!  Chimera, just like other cats, has her own funny cat moments. For example, going all around the street purring, being cute and begging for food.

9. Anpu (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

Best anime cats
Anpu – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

This cat appears only a few times in the anime “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K”. Anpu is an orange tabby cat. Just like “Sakamoto” from the anime “Nichijou”, he also wears a red scarf around his neck. This cat constantly appears around Sarkis’ house. But, unfortunately, Saiki doesn’t particularly like Anpu. In fact, he considers Anpu to be very annoying. Nevertheless, I still find Anpu to be a great cat! He definitely deserves the spot on this “top 10 anime cats” list.

10. Molly (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

Best anime cats
Molly – The Ancient Magus’ Bride

This cat is one of the most beautiful anime cats that I have ever seen. She appears in the anime and manga “The Ancient Magus’ Briede”. Molly has a long white and yellow coat. And, she has different colored eyes! Her right eye is yellow and her left eye is blue. She lives in the village of Ulthar (England, “the town where cats gather around”). And, she is the last King of Cats.

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