Top 10 Action Webtoons Everyone Should Read

The action genre is often left out of the famous talks because of the apparent lack of plot formation. This does not, however, imply that it has any fewer fans. Action webtoons are difficult to spot out due to the problem faced by creators regarding scene descriptions. A slight mistake regarding the sequence and the whole scene goes to vain.

Presenting you with the top 10 list of action webtoons with epic fighting sequences and a unique plot to feed all your desires in one place.

10. Gosu

It is a good story with slightly messy but quite satisfying art style following through. This does not complicate much at any given point. We have our protagonist, Gang Yong, whose straight forward aim is to avenge his mentor’s wrongdoers. His alias is a chubby dumpling boy. The art is fantastic and you can easily follow all the action in this webtoon. The story starts as one comic read and light movement. Though you can notice the plot getting darker after the first five chapters.

Throughout the plot we see character building up and story derivation at all points. At times the webtoon might seem slightly slow however the pace keeps up with the story. This webtoon mix plot’s seriousness and light moments together awesomely. The fighting scenes are long and great. The bonus? The art and depiction are so good that those sequences never bore you. The usage of martial arts is significant and not so unrealistic. All the twists are served at the right moments. A nice to read for when you crave action webtoons.

9. Eleceed

Eleceed is one of the latest action webtoons involving fantasy world projections. It is by the authors of Nobelesse AND Girls of Wild’s so you do know what splendid work it is going to be. The story by far consists of power basis actions and not much contact fighting is shown. The art is style awe-striking and marvelous. All the fighting scenes are easy to follow and present great graphics

The story revolves around Jiwoo, a schoolboy whose obsession and love for cats is by far extravagant. Jiwoo is shy and quiet however there are secrets that he keeps hidden behind his calm cat-loving personality. Also, Mr. Kayden is the next important character in this story. He is an extremely powerful human being with excellent powers now stuck in the body of a fat cat. Jiwoo being the cinnamon roll he is; takes in Mr. Kayden due to obvious reason i.e. that’s a cat with injuries.

We see the bonding of Mr. Kayden and Jiwoo uncovers the layers behind his secrets with the help of Kayden. The story has many hilarious parts and good character coordination building up as it goes further. The story has a lot of potentials and it is one great action webtoon for people looking out for new reads.

8. Lookism

Lookism is one of the most versatile plot lines I have ever come through and I love it. You see all types of fighting styles involving boxing to street style techniques. This drama – action webtoon is so descriptive of every arc and is wonderfully written. The story in the starting portrays usual Korean culture though it exceeds expectations with each new chapter. The action sequences are CLEAN and accurate. At no point does the skills showcase unrealistic attributes (apart from where it is intentional and comedy). The reason behind each character’s personality and presence are always well off. Even the basis of fighting styles in all the characters have deep roots and portrays the part of their history. We get the answers to questions like, why is this person so fast? Why does this character have a quick reflex? And it is truly satisfying.

It is a story about Daniel Park a loner ‘ugly’ boy who deals with many financial and social problems including bullying. Daniel Park’s life is exhausting and to escape it he enrolls for a far off high school. His personality is typically set back, childish and confidence lacking for the majority. The character growth, the involvement of more characters as the story goes by and relationships between people are written by heart. This webtoon portrays action and emotions in such a miscible manner that it is almost impossible to hate it. I like all the bridges there are to join the whole masterpiece in one. This action webtoon grasps slightly lower rank because there is a lot more than just action present which is a good thing too for some people.

7. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

A great plotline along with flexible characters and story focussing on MMORPG tactics. Guess you almost tap in a gamer’s dream-read with this action webtoon. The characters are comic and likable. The plot is unique which focusses on the journey of Ethan, also known as Hardcore Levelling warrior. Ethan used to be one of the top players in an RPG named known as Lucid Dreams. One day though things turn literally upside down as he realizes that his character is reset to level 1.

The journey of Hardcore Leveling Warrior towards reclaiming that position in the game. Whilst realizing aspects of life that he might have never thought about earlier. The action sequences are awesome and the level difference makes it all the more interesting. We see diversity in the usage of similar skills. Ethan’s fighting style is greatly driven by his experience and it makes for a great visual. A webtoon must while stating the list for top action webtoons.

6. Solo Leveling

Similar to Hardcore Leveling Warrior this top manhwa is nowhere lacking. The storyline is consisting of MMORPG tactics and descriptions. This story about Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest amongst all hunters has been an instant hit amongst manhwa readers. One day Sung Jin Woo is suddenly taken to a dungeon where he can get stronger. With the dungeon as a medium, he now has an ability to be able to find resources that he needs and can hence avail those to survive. Sung Jin Woo’s character is very well written and he is humble and caring to make him all the more likable.

The action sequences are visually impacting and the art style is very clear. You see some known skills and other techniques which are from the author’s perspective. Overall it is awesome to read action manhwa and for some obvious reason falls under the list of masterpieces.

5. UnOrdinary

All the people in this fantasy – action webtoon has powers of varying scale which rules out how strong a person. Wellston High is the school for elites who have abilities that surpass the average tire with a serious hierarchy amongst the different tiers. John is a newly enrolled boy considered ‘cripple’ I.e. someone with no superpowers. How will he survive in such a hierarchy and what does the confidence he portrays have to do with being the lowest on the ranks?

Fighting sequences usually portray dominance over the low tier. The power distribution and skill distribution are clear. One can find some good surprises throughout the fighting scenes and the versatility adds more to the flavor. Seraphina, John, and Arlo are one of the very main characters in this diverse plot.  The characters are likable and have personalities that collide but collaborate. As you become part of this massive fandom you will slowly realize why Arlo is Ass-lo and why we hate hair gel. Nothing weird in here I promise.

4. God of Highschool

Believe me, there is nothing high school-ish about this action genre focussing webtoon. Mori Jin is an independent high school student who doesn’t care about much but food and fights that he wins. A stranger approaches him so that he takes part in the contest GOH and showcase his fighting abilities and Mori simply accepts the offer. In the very starting, we find adults reaching out for three people at the prime for the same contest who are Mori Jin (obviously), Yu Mira and Han Daewi. After fights and some sessions, we gradually realize that a contest is not what is taking place but there is something serious going on throughout.

The fighting styles are driven by real-life taekwondo techniques. They did add great force into it though, enough so that characters can swipe off a whole mountain. Readers also witness sword fights, godly abilities and wrestling in the majority. One finds a good amount of action sequence throughout the plot. Some 360-degree angle shoots make the action sequences seem almost in action. The plot is great and I find the webtoon to be in the list of webtoons that have potential but lack fan base and proper recognition. A great read for action webtoons lovers.

3. Girls of the Wild’s

The plot is an equal part hilarious and serious. Surprisingly or not the same goes for all the action. The fights are amazing and descriptive. You want girls fighting girls, girls fighting boys, boys fighting boys or whatever balance you want. It is all here in this action webtoon. I like how the webtoon clears through many clichés including those like the main protagonist being a strong ‘boy’. Throughout the story, there is no part which includes biases towards one of the other social idea. However, sometimes you might find that the focus is extremely on female MMA fights. You will find a lot of traditional styles and mix of techniques which is quite refreshing.

It is one of the very first action webtoons that I read. Needless to mention but I did enjoy every bit of it. The story focusses on Wild’s High School, the lives of the student in it and Jaegu who fears women due to his past abandonment issues. The high school is an all-girl and just from the session Jaegu enrolls does it change to a co-ed. The irony being that Jaegu is the only boy enrolling and cherry over the icing is that all the girls are specializing in MMA. The ending is also quite satisfying and the word I am looking for is; yeah, hilarious in its sense. I also like how they show that everyone gains power through training and practice. No one in the whole plot changes from a weakling to god tier strong.

Spoiler: There is a slight lack in the plot (SPOILER AHEAD). You never really get to know about Jaegu’s mom while it was one of the very important and driving topics in the whole story.

2. Noblesse

This story shows a new perspective towards the usual vampires, wolves and human worlds. The authors did their best in putting the pieces together. In the middle-end part of the story, there is a bit of lack on the detail stage but it causes no flaws in this series. Franklin is the ultimate link of the series and Rai, the hero who is by far the best. You will want the series to continue dreading every other step but it is worth it.

The action genre is covering a lot of plot in this webtoon. All the fights are character-specific thus portraying individual fight patterns vividly. All the characters have different abilities and according to them, their dynamics change. Furthermore, agility is one great part all along, thus, making the action intense yet extremely traceable due to the artwork. The tension that builds up before each fight is appropriate at every point. All the scenes are clear and are easy to follow throughout.

1. Tower of God

Looking for an action webtoon with fighting scenes that make you anticipate every moment? A storyline where the fights don’t seem meaningless? Looking for characters that overpower each other with new skills? In a search for THE action webtoon? Then the Tower of God is your level best shot! Dealing with awesome characters, intricate plot and massive fight scenes this action fantasy genre basis webtoon is all you need.

The fighting scenes do not focus exactly on any conventional fighting style or rule. TOG includes many different fighting styles and skills while ‘shinsoo’ acts as the basis. One can easily notice the tremendous amount of planning put into action sequences and their descriptions. The art in the starting might seem flaky; stick around and you will never regret your action. The art turns out to be awesome later. From sword sequences, usage of spears to blasting fireballs, you find all in this action genre epic.

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