Razer Basilisk review

Wires are going to be outdated in a few years as manufacturers seem to eliminate if from everything but does it going to cost us the response time? The mouse these days are so fast and serves all the purpose with same efficiency. The wireless light speed  mice options is strong this year and know my friends this is not a Logitech g502 .the Razer basilisk ultimate a wireless mouse clearly influenced by the popular g502 light speed and for light speed mice with similar overall shape like the angular front buttons glossy streaks adding complexity to the top area some support on the left side and same weight and feel however this thing surprised me with a few exciting innovations that would make me pick the basilisk and I can’t say that word over the g502 light speed.

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Let’s get the basics out of the way the mouse only is $149 while the bundle with the mouse dock is 169, and that is a much better deal as the dock by itself is $49 the basilisk ultimate is slightly lighter versus the g502 light speed at the hundred seven grams. It fits perfectly and not somewhat large Wireless segment as razer already has a lycra champion — the Viper ultimate at 74 grams. I like the design, not just the illumination but the entire convenience around it, so you plug in the tiny USB receiver that is slightly smaller versus the Logitech dongle. You can get great discount on electronic items online using gonoise coupons.

Cable and USB

The cable can be unplugged in case you want to use the mouse with the cable that by the way is excellent it’s entirely flexible and light and spends 1.8 meters but if you do get the dongle you’ll quickly get into a habit of placing this on it whenever you leave the PC so you’ll never have to worry about charging this thing or using it with a cable I like this implementation the USB dongle can be housed in this bottom compartment where they cover it’s a lovely implementation and a secure hold with the cover removed here we see charging points a power button and the profile switcher and the feet are 100% PTFE with a smooth glide no complaints here the main surface texture of the mouse feels good but it immediately leaves finger marks while the textured sides are rubberized and secure the grip the belt quality overall is pretty good my only complaint is slight rattle with the scroll wheel and the two buttons behind it. 


technically is an excellent performer with raisers best sensor yet called the focus plus up to 20,000 dpi with up to 5 DPI stages with precision and 50 DPI increments with surface tuning and lift-off distance adjustment there’s also this new sensor feature called asymmetric cut-off so for example lift-off distance can be set to 2 millimetres but if you lift anything higher than that the mouse will only resume tracking back at 1 millimetre I still haven’t figured out where this asymmetric cut-off would be useful I’m the type person to set the minimum lift-off distance possible because I do lift my mouse quite often but it is quite refreshing to have tracking if you lift a mouse, and you’re like just around 2 millimetres, but if you go higher than that, it will stop, and it will not continue tracking again until you’re low about 1 millimetre.


I know we all love to complain about synapse. Still, so far I haven’t had any issues of like it not remembering my settings with the basilisk ultimate you can save all your dpi and your profile settings unfortunately for some annoying reason all your lighting is not saved on the memory so if you’re using this mouse on the computer that does not have synapse you’re just greeted with some rainbow puke at least your dpi and profiles are safe but like come on the mouse does hold a charge of about a hundred hours without any RGB in my testing with brightness as 30% I lasted about 40 hours, and that is pretty impressive. You can apply for Software Engineer Intern Jobs to know about this field.


You never have to worry about battery life, and that is why I would choose the Razer Basilisk ultimate over the g5 or to light speed even though they’re the same price point for the mouse only $149 or $169 price point for the mouse. The device can be switched and used with dongle without worrying about the battery.

It’s also a bit lighter than the g5 or light speed, so for productivity and desktop use, this thing is fantastic for me and the game wood lighter mice, but I’m sure many people will love this for gaming too.

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