Top 10 websites for comic lovers can read webtoon manhwa and manga for free.

Today, the strong development of technology has enabled the manhwa webtoon to expand and
occupy a large market that directly competes with its major rival, the Japanese manga. Every year,
the estimated comic book market in Korea gives the country $ 894 million, of which webtoon
accounts for 70%. According to research experts, the industry growth is up to 8.6% / year. In 2005,
the first Naver Webtoon service was born, becoming the first big website to post and share the first
manhwa webtoon, creating a premise for the strong development in the future. The widespread
popularity of this genre means the increasing number of platforms and websites so readers can
choose webtoon manhwa. Let’s take a look at famous websites with huge and high quality webtoon
comics with all kinds of Action, Romance, Drama, Mature, Fantasy, School Life, BL, GL, Fantasy …

1.Naver Webtoon

This can be considered as the largest manhwa webtoon delivery platform in Korea at the moment.
With over 40 million users per month. According to statistics. In 2018, the website’s cumulative
reading amounted to 5 billion, an astonishing number. Not only famous and considered to be the
web reading “NO 1”, Naver is also extremely popular abroad, such as Japan and the Southwest Asia.


You can’t forget but mention Manytoon, the Korean comic book industry’s leading manhwa hentai
site. This is a monument in the hearts of fans who have grown up. Manytoon owns a high quality
contents and the readers can read webtoon manhwa hentai comics for free with hundreds of free titles with
a large fan base in the US, Canada and Europe.

3.Lehzin Webtoon

Lehzin is the pioneering platform for paid story reading, and is currently considered to be the
platform with the most webtoon revenue in Korea. Also because the income from posting comics on
this website is much higher, Lehzin also attracts many authors with rich and attractive media. Not
only that, this website is also a reliable site if you want to read the webtoon translated into English.
In addition, Lezhin also has an extremely attractive adult webtoon collection.


As a fledgling platform, newly launched in 2016, however, Comica is not inferior to any comic book
website because of the new, unique style from its webtoon. Comica’s webtops bring high quality
content and images with fresh brushstrokes, providing unique experiences for readers. With its
early successes, Comica expanded its market not only in Korea but also to provide services in
Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Indonesian.


As a foreigner who wants to learn and read webtoon manhwa, having to fumble around a website
full of Korean characters will surely make it difficult for many people. Probably because of this,
more and more websites are launching to provide English users with a webtoon manhwa reading
address, most notably Tapas. With positive data such as nearly 50 thousand authors, more than 1
million 2 chapters and more than 11 thousand payments, Tapas is gradually going up and growing.

6.Comic Hiveworks

Hiveworks Webcomics, a name that’s quite new but is gradually finding its place with webtoon
enthusiasts. They are webtoon manhwa comic book from Europe. The lines have a big difference in
the way the Korean webtoon manhwa is represented.

7.MangaHentai Comic

Last on this list is Mangahentai website from Japan. However, it does not have the influence of
Manga and there are many headlines in webtoon manhwa style. The titles are interesting and have
unique and special content under the drawings of Japanese artists. Manga Hentai online for free
don’t forget to visit it.

Besides websites that provide manhwa webtoon for readers, there are still traditional comics sites
like, offering thousands of Marvel comics, Dc comics, Dark Horse … with Hulk,
spiderman, thor , batman, superman ….. captivate you. Readers worldwide can read comic online
for free
. With those efforts, it is hoped that the manhwa webtoon will not only grow in Korea but
will also get closer to the global fans of comics.

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