Top 10 Webtoon Manhwa That You Should Be Reading 2019

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When it comes to comics world, people often pop out and think of manga first. However, in recent years, Japan no longer has the upper hand and monopoly in the village, instead, manhwa, or webtoon or Webcomics from South Korea, with a rich approach gradually finds a place. His stand in the hearts of the reader. Let’s take a look at 10 top stories that are considered the best and most readable webtoons of Korea.

  1. Yumi’s Cell : If you’ve watched and fall in love with the animated movie Inside out, this is definitely the series for you. The plot of this webtoon is quite similar to Inside out when the protagonist Yumi has the ability to divide the cells in his brain into characters that represent his emotions. From there, help Yumi solve problems in life more easily.
  2. Cheese in the Trap : The Korean film-loving community must be no stranger to popular webtoon dramas. As for “Cheese in the Trap”, this series is so famous that it has a TV and a movie version. With the content of school love, it attracts readers and attractive character lines. Hong Seol – a poor student with an unimpressive appearance, Yoo Jung – a handsome senior and is considered perfect. Ironically, when Yoo Jung tried to pursue Seol, she avoided it, thinking that this was a dangerous sunbae. The story is more attractive when pushed to the climax with the appearance of Jung’s baby seller, forming a dramatic love triangle.
  3. Penguin Loves Mev : Looking for a webtoon with content that is light, entertaining and appropriate to learn a little more Korean, Penguin Loves Mev is the right choice. With a humorous, cheerful story about a love affair of two people from two different countries: Penguin in Korea and Mev from England, the story brings explanations about the differences of the two countries in one. Lovely narrative.
  4. True Beauty : Probably Korea is too famous for the make up movement and fashion styles that make up the trend, so when a webtoon appeared deeply on this topic, the audience saw the story like fish met water. , was extremely excited and the visit to the True Beauty reader increased day by day. The story revolves around Ju Kyung, a nerd girl who does not pay attention to her appearance, and is often bullied by her classmates, called ugly ducks. But everything changed when she started makeup and trendy dress and makeover became a hot girl in the whole block. Although the end of the webtoon is still a big question, the Korean comic community has voted to choose an actor for the film’s adaptation.
  5. Love Alarm : Cheese in the trap with the love triangle 3 is still not complicated enough for you, then try to read Love Alarm, which is also a high school love story between 4 girls 1 (Jo Jo) and 3 guys (Hwang Seon Ho, Lee Hye Yeong, Il Sik). In the world of Love Alarm, there is an application that will be synchronized with the heart and vibrate every time the person you like is within a radius of 10m. When the most secretive vibration of the heart cannot be hidden anymore, will love be easier?
  6. What does the fox say : Not only can the love web for men and women be able to resonate with readers, sometimes comics about homosexual love also attract a lot of readers of the passionate audience. What does the fox say is a story about the love of two girls (Ju Sungji and Sung Sumin) a lovely and somewhat new love story in the workplace. This webtoon attracted the attention of Korean netizens when readers found out the similarities of the characters with members of the popular girl group SNSD, and the author also admitted to being inspired to create. The image of the characters from 3 members of SNSD (Tiffany, Jessica and Taeyeon) made the online community look forward to one day seeing this cult webtoon on screen.
  7. Tied Up In Twins : Tied Up In Twins is a combination of a love story between men, women and girls. Among the most lighthearted, comical webtimes and few dramas, Tied Up In Twins and the plot full of knots about the unrequited love of a male student for his male best friend as a dish. The novel food that readers are looking for
  8. Method To Hate You : If the above webtoon is too many chapters, you are a busy person and want to find a short webtoon for entertainment, Method To Hate You is exactly what you are looking for. With short content but enough humor and witty, along with lovely storytelling of student relationships, situations full of sorrow and plot plot interesting. This webtoon is a perfect choice to read on a free weekend night.
  9. Stranger From Hell : “Korean Drama is all about love, Korean webtoon is full of romantic love stories” – if it’s your mind, you’re wrong. Webtoon besides romance stories is also extremely famous for psychological thriller full of obsession. The main character, Yoon Jong Woo, always faces the appearance of mysterious neighbors and the same room, which is both a challenge for the character and a fear that readers of the story have to overcome.
  10. Golden Spoon: There are children born to be living in velvet, rich and rich, in Korea, the phrase to call such children is “golden spoonfuls”. Webtoon Golden Spoon tells the story of a poor boy suddenly being adopted by a wealthy family, in the moment enjoying the wealth. Will that journey be difficult, or will it be a chance to change life, luck?

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