New powerful Webtoon Manhwa challenges Webcomic and Manga.

 Comic book is a fascinating and creative form of entertainment that has potential and is favored by many young people, spanning many different ages.  In the world, when you mention comics, besides Japanese manga that have been very famous, in recent years, the emergence and strong development of webtoon manhwa as well as webcomic have contributed to enriching the choice.  select by readers.  However, not everyone can understand and distinguish manhwa webtoon, webcomic, manga, and manhua, what kind of comics and why are they so popular?
 These Korean manhwa webtoons invaded Japan, where they quickly created a segment of fans who wanted something new.  And young people, with their ability to be sensitive to digital technology, are increasingly evading traditional print formats that support the on-screen reading experience anytime and anywhere.

 1 .Webtoon – Reviving the Korean comic industry

 Webtoon was born and known in Korea.  At the beginning, it was just the individual drawings that the authors posted separately on the web pages.  After being liked and favored by readers, the authors began posting long stories in chapters, called webtoon.  The advent of the webtoon helped the already poor Korean comics industry to take off and compete with Japanese manga.  Visitors and followers at the Manytoon portal can be up to tens of millions a day for the hottest webtoon.  Together with Manhwa Hentai, they gathered hundreds of titles with extremely diverse content from mature comic, adult webtoon or adult manga hentai.  Thanks to that, the webtoon manhwa rose to the same level as the Manga hentai, proving that K-pop is in the process of bringing Hallyu wave to be stronger in Asia.
 Webtoon is considered a cross between comic and cartoon.  While previous manga and comics were mostly pencil drawings on paper and were printed in black and white, the webtoon was digitally drawn on a computer or wacom, with vivid strokes and colorful colors.  like cartoon.  Also in the webtoon, the storyboards are divided into fewer, slower storylines than the previous comics.  Perhaps also because of that to help readers focus and want to follow more.
 MANYTOON’s popularity with allowing readers to read webtoon manhwa hentai free online has reached a global audience.  With the novel reading on mobile devices and its chapter nature, many webtoons with long and famous content are brought to the screen, becoming the best-selling TV series of the screen.  Solder.  Not to mention names like: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?  , My Stepmom, Springtime for Blossom, Mr Kang, Boys are Boys, Annoying Alice, Love Arlam, Stranger From Hell, ….
 Manhwa Webtoons is also becoming increasingly popular in North America, Canada, Australia … with attractive and effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google very attractive.

 2. Webcomic – comics of the West

 Webcomic is a comic published on the Internet instead of a traditional print.  Surely Marvel Studios’ hit series is no stranger to anyone, but few know the mighty empire behind it is Marvel Comics – the largest comic book production company in the United States.  Comic appeared and became an important spiritual dish of young people in the West for a long time.  However, with the development of the Internet, of digital devices, Comic also transformed itself and became Webcomic, wishing to reach more readers.
 Webcomic’s brush strokes are quite real and also use pencil strokes, but they are colorful and vivid.  This is the difference between Webtoon and Webcomic.  Although it is the same color story, Webtoon is usually the line drawn on the machine and Webcomic is more about the hand-drawn line with pencil on paper.  In terms of content of Webcomic, it is more diversified and has more humor, entertainment and romance than Webtoon’s.
 If South Korea succeeds in bringing the webtoon to the small screen, with Webcomic Western filmmakers have created blockbusters that no one knows about.  It is very flawed if not to mention the Marvel Comic Freecomiconline portal where readers can read free comics online for free with 20,000 comics from Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Batman, Superman, The avengers … extremely attractive.  which you cannot ignore.

 3. The formidable opponents of the Manga

 Both Webtoon Manhwa or Webcomics are extremely developing and gradually occupy the market that seemed to be exclusive to Manga, even at home in Japan.  Webtoon introduced to Japan and created reading culture, building a new comic portal.  For Webcomic, the strong coverage and the popularity of Comic characters are more pronounced than for Manga characters.  However, this competition is a good sign for readers, as the quality and quantity will also multiply, giving readers more choices.  And thus helping manufacturers, publishers of Japanese Manga Hentai to change to meet the requirements of readers in a world that has changed so fast.  Hopefully, trying to build a free manga comics website can help global readers can read the best manga hentai online for free.  We will see the transformation of Manga Hentai in the near future.

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