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Power Rangers Samurai Clash of the Red Ranger

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Power Rangers Samurai Clash of the Red Rangerenjoy the samurai and rpm team up movie credit goes to nick saban and the actors

Power Rangers SPD [38] Endings – Part 2

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The Rangers are freed from Gruumm's ship, and Cruger is left to deal with Gruumm by himself. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Omni unleashes his wrath. The rangers defeat Omni with the S.W.A.T Megazord but Gruumm survives; i...

Power Rangers SPD [37] Endings – Part 1

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The traitorous A-Squad capture Commander Cruger and call out the B-Squad, who meet their counterparts for an intense battle. Meanwhile, Broodwing makes his final push for domination and gathers an army to attack the D...

Power Rangers SPD [36] Resurrection

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Jack meets a young girl named Ally Samuels who shares his passion for helping the needy. Unfortunately, Jack's new relationship is interfering with his Ranger duties as he is late to help his friends defeat Broodwing'...

Power Rangers SPD [35] Wormhole

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Gruumm decides to take drastic measures to stop the Rangers once and for all by travelling through a wormhole 21 years into the past, where S.P.D. doesn't exist. Upon realizing what Gruumm has done, the B-Squad pursue...

Power Rangers SPD [34] Insomnia

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After eavesdropping on Doggie and Kat talking about how the A-Squad would have already defeated Gruumm, the depressed B-Squad reminisce over their past failures and deduce Gruumm's master plan in the process. Meanwhil...

Power Rangers SPD [33] Badge

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Icthior, Commander Cruger's old rival from his days at the S.P.D Academy, returns and puts the Rangers to the test as several of them are injured and stripped of their badges, leaving Doggie to face his past alone.

Power Rangers SPD [32] Impact

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Broodwing's associate Professor Cerebros alters the course of a meteor to cause it to collide with NewTech City. As if that weren't enough, a more powerful Dragoul has been let loose. Although Sky is sent on a solo mi...

Power Rangers SPD [30] Missing

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Bridge confronts intergalactic felon Berok on the Rangers' latest mission, only to be knocked out in battle. He awakens in a cold dark room from which there appears to be no escape. With the walls literally closing in...

Power Rangers SPD [29] Katastrophe

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Supreme Commander Birdie offers Kat the chance to work at S.P.D Galaxy Command and after some careful thought she decides to take up her new position. However, Broodwing has teamed up with Kat's old rival Mooney, and ...

Power Rangers SPD [28] Robotpalooza

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The Rangers are bombarded with constant attacks from both Gruumm and Broodwing who recruits Gineka to destroy the Rangers, and are on the verge of breaking. When the Deltamax Megazord is not enough to drive back these...

Power Rangers SPD [25] Reflections – Part 2

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Mirloc meets Gruumm and is sent out to capture six of the Rangers, while Gruumm plans to deal with Cruger personally. Mirloc succeeds in imprisoning four Rangers, and Jack borrows Sam's Omegamax Cycle to deal with a g...

Power Rangers SPD [24] Reflections – Part 1

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The B-Squad's day off is brought to a halt when criminals they've already contained attack NewTech City, leaving them mystified as to how they could've escaped. Sky travels to Gamma Orion and visits an alien named Mir...

Power Rangers SPD [23] Zapped

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Morgana approaches Mysticon, a magician who's down on his luck, and offers him a new wand in exchange for his help in defeating the Rangers. When Syd applies to be Mysticon's assistant, she is placed under a spell. Me...

Power Rangers SPD [22] Messenger – Part 2

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As the Rangers teeter on the brink of defeat, help arrives in the form of mysterious individual calling himself the Omega Ranger. Shorty falls to the might of this enigmatic new Ranger who refuses to allow the other R...

Power Rangers SPD [21] Messenger – Part 1

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The Rangers receive a message from the future, telling of S.P.D.'s defeat and the hands of the Troobain army. Things get even worse when Morgana begins to impose the prophecy with the aid of her most powerful allies, ...

Power Rangers SPD [20] Perspective

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When Commander Cruger asks the Rangers to report to him about their mission to stop the World Gold Depository from being robbed, each of the Rangers delivers a different story, making themselves out to be the best. Ho...

Power Rangers SPD [19] Dismissed

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S.P.D.'s Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie pays a visit to Earth, taking over the Delta Base and relieving Commander Cruger of duty. Meanwhile, Gruumm heads to Earth himself in order to face Cruger in battle and easily ...

Power Rangers SPD [18] Samurai

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Gruumm transports the alien samurai Katana from ancient Japan to present day Japan via a time portal, and the Rangers are sent to confront the warrior, who is confused by all the changes to his homeland. After being c...

Power Rangers SPD [17] Recognition

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When the Rangers apprehend the evil Wootox and take him back to headquarters, he manages to escape prison by swapping bodies with Sky and goes searching for the controls to the Delta Command Megazord. Will Sky, now tr...

Power Rangers SPD [16] Boom

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Boom's lie about being the Orange Ranger and A-Squad Commander comes back to haunt him when his parents, who are unaware of his true occupation, come to visit. Z, Syd and Bridge help Boom keep up the rouse while Jack ...

Power Rangers SPD [15] Wired – Part 2

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After being expelled from the Academy, a depressed Sophie falls right into Valko's grasp. She is taken and hooked up to Goradon's internal systems while Doggie tells the Rangers off for expelling a fellow cadet and se...

Power Rangers SPD [14] Wired – Part 1

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The B-Squad finds a standout D-Squad cadet in a girl named Sophie, who succeeds where her fellow D-Squad members failed by defeating Krybots during a training exercise. Mora begs Gruumm for one last chance to defeat t...