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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [45] Journey’s End – Part 3

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Trakeena uses the coccoon, and emerges as a slimy insectoid monster. Down on the new world, the Rangers continue searching for Leo. Leo finds the Scorpion Stinger, and follows Trakeena's slime trail all the way to the...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [44] Journey’s End – Part 2

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Stratoforce and Centaurus stand guard as the Sting Wingers approach the colony. The onslaught is too much, as they overwhelm the Zords, and slip by into the colony. The Rangers face the army of incoming Sting Wingers,...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [43] Journey’s End – Part 1_

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Deviot returns to the Scorpion Stinger, begging Trakeena to take him back. She isn't falling for his charm this time, and sticks Villamax on him. The battle leads to the storage area, where Deviot grabs Trakeena and p...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [42] Escape The Lost Galaxy

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Barbarax captures several citizens of Terra Venture to work in the slave camps, including Mike. Leo and Kai find a way to reopen the portal back to their universe, but Terra Venture can't move fast enough to get throu...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [41] Raise The Titansaur

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Captain Mutiny decides to unleash his most fearsome monster against the Rangers - the Titanisaur. The Rangers and their Megazords must combine all of their powers and give it all they've got to defeat this creature.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [40] Hexuba’s Graveyard

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Hexuba resurrects past monsters, and sends them down to Terra Venture. The Rangers wear themselves out battling monster after monster, but Kai travels to the source, a graveyard, and puts an end to Hexuba's voodoo.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [39] Dream Battle

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Mutiny's latest crewmember, Hexuba, casts a dream spell on the Rangers, making them fight battles in their mind as they sleep. Mike fights off the spell long enough to find Hexuba's hideout and break the spell.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [38] Until Sunset

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Leo and Damon are captured by Captain Mutiny and hung out to bake in the sun. As they roast, they remember their past adventure as Rangers. The others find them and set them free.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [37] Grunchor On The Loose

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The Rangers race to find the Grunchor monster, who is causing massive earthquakes and destruction on the station. He surfaces at the command of Barbarax, and attacks the Rangers, who destroy him with fire.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [36] Beware The Mutiny

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Terra Venture is greeted in the Lost Galaxy by Captain Mutiny, who the Rangers discover runs a slave camp, and is looking to add the colony's citizens to his work force. Mutiny unleashes the Grunchor monster on Terra ...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [35] Enter The Lost Galaxy

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The Guardian arrives on Terra Venture, to get the Galaxy Book back. Deviot interferes, and the Guardian is killed, passing on the role of guardian to Kai. Deviot gets the book, and transports Terra Venture into the lo...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [34] Turn Up The Volume

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Damon competes for the position of chief mechanic. He is beaten by Baxter, who steals his plans to win. Baxter and Damon must then team up to defeat the Decibat monster, by using the machine Damon invented.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [33] Facing The Past

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Karone and Leo travel to a planet to restore Leo's powers after the Magnetox monster destroys them. A vision of Astronema makes Karone face her evil past, she overcomes her demons, and obtains the magical keys which g...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [32] Protect The Quasar Saber

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The Pink Quasar Saber makes it way to Onyx, where it is put up for auction. It is stolen by Karone, posing as Astronema. She narrowly escapes Trakeena and her goons, and makes it to the Rangers, who she ends up joinin...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [31] The Power Of Pink

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When Cassie and Kendrix battle Psycho Pink, she uses the Savage Sword to destroy Cassie's morpher, causing a pink energy storm. Kendrix walks through the storm, and destroys the Savage Sword at the center, but loses h...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [30] To The Tenth Power

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When Deviot brings the Psycho Rangers back, the Space Rangers come to Terra Venture to help our heroes defeat these maniacal menaces.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [29] The Chameliac Warrior

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Trakeena enlists the services of Chameliac, who can analyze and copy any maneuver and weapon he sees. He defeats the Rangers by using their own moves against them, but they defeat him by switching fighting styles.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [28] A Red Romance

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Leo meets a girl named Ginger, who has an overprotective older brother. A monster appears and abducts Ginger, among others, and her brother tries to battle the monster himself. The Rangers destroy the monster, and get...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [27] Loyax’ Last Battle

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An ancient hero turned villain named Loyax asks Trakeena to give him a last battle with a worthy opponent, and she sends him to Terra Venture to fight the Rangers. He ends up fighting only Maya, who convinces him to b...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [26] Mean Wheels Mantis

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A motorcycle riding Mantis captures Maya and Kendrix. The other Rangers must defeat him in a race to get them back, but the Astro Cycles aren't fast enough. By communicating with the Lion Galactabeast, Leo is able to ...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [25] Blue To The Test

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One of Trakeena's monster takes control of Commander Stanton's mind, and has him set Terra Venture on a course towards a star. Only by disregarding the rules and following his instincts is Kai able to discover this pl...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [24] Green Courage

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Holding High Commander Renier hostage, Trakeena demands that Terra Venture send her a mechanic to fix the Scorpion Stinger. Damon volunteers, and while he works on the engine, Leo sneaks in and frees the Commander.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [23] Memories Of Mirinoi

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One of Maya's old friend Shondra appears on Terra Venture. Kendrix's suspicions of her are proven to be true, when Maya finds Shondra stealing the Galaxy Book. Shondra reveals herself to be one of Trakeena's monster, ...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [22] An Evil Game

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Trakeena captures Leo to make him pay for killing her father. The two fight one on one, until Deviot's hitmen try to kill Trakeena. She turns the tables on the assassins, and Leo escapes while the villains are distrac...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [21] Heir To The Throne

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Trakeena escapes the planet Onyx, where she is trained by Villamax. Meanwhile, Deviot sets Scorpius up to be killed by the Rangers. When Trakeena hears of this, she races back to the Scorpion Stinger to assume command...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [20] The Lost Galactabeasts – Part 2

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Deviot summons the Hardtochoke monster, and gives him the remote that controls his evil Zords to go and destroy Terra Venture with. Hardtochoke arrives on the station, and summons the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazor...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [19] The Lost Galactabeasts – Part 1

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Deviot appears uninvited on the Scorpion Stinger with a proposal. He will offer Scorpius the services of his powerful Zords in exchange for being his second in command, and entering the cocoon meant for Trakeena. Kend...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [18] The Rescue Mission

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A rescue team led by Mike follows a distress call to an abandoned space ship. There they find a spider monster who captures most of the crew. Mike and Leo free the team, and retrieve a mysterious book, just before the...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [17] Stolen Beauty

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After hearing from her monster that she isn't the prettiest girl in the world, Trakeena orders him to steal the beauty of all the attractive women of Terra Venture. After she tries to trick Mike, he understands what's...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [16] Destined For Greatness

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Leo's feeling down because he thinks that Mike should have the Red Ranger powers as he took the sword from the stone. Skeletron captures 4 of the 5 Rangers in mirrors, leaving Mike and Leo to rescue them. Mike reassur...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [15] Redemption Day

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The evil space ship is losing fuel quick, and Scorpius thinks that Terra Venture is the best place to sort out his problems. Leo and Maya run as they see the ship outside the colony and re-group with the other Rangers...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [14] Shark Attack

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Realising Trakeena framed him, Treacheron sets her up to find the Silver Goblet. However, when she finds it, Treacheron appears stating it's a fake and a battle begins between the two, until the Rangers interferes wit...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [13] Orion Returns

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Maya has a dream about the Lights Of Orion, and when she wakes up the other Rangers, they all see them in outer space. Unfortunately, so does Scorpius, who fires at the Rangers ship to stpp them. The Rangers carry on ...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [12] Orion Rising

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After eating a cake Kendrix baked for Damon, unknowingly, Maya and Kendrix have an argument which escalates into a fight with one of Scorpius' monsters, Destructo. Maya later realises the cake was for Damon's birthday...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [11] Silent Sleep

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The Chilly-Fish monster is going out and freezing the city. The Rangers go out to investigate and get attacked by the monster, leaving all the Rangers except Leo, frozen. After thinking that the Lights Of Orion may un...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [10] The Sunflower Search

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The Magna Defender explains that Scorpius killed his son, and now he is after revenge for his son. Believing that the Lights Of Orion are in sunflower statues, the Rangers and The Magna Defender try to stop Scorpius' ...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [09] The Magna Defender

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Thinking that he might be able to find a clue to his brother's whereabouts, Leo goes back to the caves where Furio lies, thinking that he has found the Lights Of Orion. As the battle commences, they realise they are e...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [08] The Blue Crush

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Whilst on babysitting duty, watching Commander Stanton's daughter Jodie, Kai falls for an attractive woman named Hannah. The next day, Kai coincidentally bumps into Hannah and are under attack by another one of Furio'...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [07] Double Duty

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The Rangers notice in a magazine that a famous actress named Carolyn, looks a lot like Kendrix; they go and investigate to see in real life if she does. Once near, a monster named Wise Wizrad attacks a camera, that Ca...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [06] The Lights Of Orion

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Whilst investigating some energy readings they found, Maya and Kendrix are ambushed by Furio, Trakeena and Sting-Wingers. All hope looks lost, but then the other Rangers come with their new Astro Cycles and rescue the...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [05] Homesick

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A young boy named Matthew is a stowaway, found in the ship's control bay trying to turn the ship around because he wants to go home, but because Terra Venture can't replace the supplies that would be used in returning...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [04] Rookie In Red

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Scorpius meets with a weapons dealer named Horn and employs him to steal the Quasar Sabers. Kai is asked by Commander Stanton to train Leo as an officer due to high scores he got in an ability test. After Leo doesn't ...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [03] Race To The Rescue

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After hearing some strange animal noises, Maya, along with Leo and Damon go to investigate only to be stopped by troops of Scorpius who have captured five gigantic and powerful, but with the addition of Kai and Kendri...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [02] Quasar Quest – Part 2

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Kai feels guilty about leaving his fellow teammates behind, and decides to go after them aboard the Astro Megaship which is now a museum. The ship's mechanic Damon, along with Alpha 6, doesn't think that the ship will...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [01] Quasar Quest – Part 1

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The GSA are preparing to launch Terra Venture, a space colony on a mission to find a new world. However, a man named Leo also wants to travel aboard Terra Venture but has been denied a passport, and so he secretly cli...