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Courage The Cowardly Dog – 413.2- Perfect

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Perfect: When Courage cannot do anything correctly, the "Teacher" approaches him who is the manifestation of Courage's own doubts and insecurities that have plagued him. She trains him strictly into becoming a perfect...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 413.1- Remembrence of Courage Past

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Remembrance of Courage Past: Courage's mysterious past comes to light, when his parents were sent to space by a veterinarian. When Muriel and Eustace notice he is not responding, still haunted by that treacherous even...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 412.2- Wrath Of The Librarian

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Wrath of the Librarian: Courage finds a two year overdue book. When he decides to return it, he does not have enough money for the $10,000 fee. The librarian casts a spell on Muriel and Eustace, turning them into the ...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 412.1- Cabaret Courage

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Cabaret Courage: Courage, Muriel and Eustace come to "Hollowood", but after falling inside a manhole, they encounter a giant blob creature who demands entertainment, and if he likes their performances, he would give o...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 411.2- Ball Of Revenge

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Ball of Revenge: Sick of Muriel's doting on Courage, Eustace invites Katz, Le Quack, the Weremole, the Cajun Fox, the Giant Foot, and the Puddle Queen go to the house to destroy Courage in a game of dodgeball.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 411.1- Courageous Cure

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Courageous Cure: A race of multi-limbed aliens arrive on Earth, seeking a cure for a virus which causes them to keep punching themselves. They experiment on Muriel and Eustace by letting them grow more hands.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 410.2- Son Of The Chicken From Outer Space

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Son of the Chicken from Outer Space: The three-headed son of the Chicken From Outer Space shows up, trying to fulfill a vow to destroy Courage, but Courage is more resourceful than the chicken anticipated.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 410.1- Last of the Star Makers

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The Last of the Starmakers: A pregnant space-faring squid who creates stars lands on the Bagge farm. Eustace wants to sell the eggs to the military for research. Courage has to save the eggs and the mother squid to ke...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 409.2 – Food Of The Dragon

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Food of the Dragon: A seafood dinner attracts a dragon who hasn't learned to fly. He's determined to eat Eustace and Muriel unless Courage can teach him to fly.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 409.1- Aqua-Farmer

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Aqua Farmer: Unimpressed by Jojo the Dolphin's performance at a local aquarium, Eustace challenges the sea mammal to a race, losing pathetically. He demands a rematch, staking his wife as the prize of the race.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 408.2- Muted Muriel

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Muted Muriel: Muriel has had enough of Eustace not listening to her, and she decides not to talk to him again. Courage visits Shirley and asks her if she can make her talk.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 408.1- Squatting Tiger, Crouching Dog

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Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog: A Chinese empress wants to grind up Muriel's bones. Courage wants to save Muriel, but he must pass through a series of deadly tests first.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 407- The Mask

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A strange, dog-hating woman named Kitty, wearing a mask, appears at the Bagges' house. She recklessly starts beating Courage and she tells the Bagges that her best friend Bunny fell in love with a gangster named Mad D...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 406.2- Profile In Courage

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Profiles in Courage: Courage, Muriel and Eustace go to a county fair and have their silhouettes drawn. When the silhouettes come to life later that night and replace Muriel and Eustace, Courage must convince the creat...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 406.1- Muriel Blows Up

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Muriel Blows Up: A missile strikes the farm, mutating a carrot in the garden. When Muriel eats it, she begins to grow. Courage must figure out a way to get to the general and disarm the device before time runs out. Th...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 405.2- Goat Pain

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Goat Pain: Muriel sprains her back, and the only cure is a hot spring on top of Mt. Nowhere. The peak is guarded by a super-powerful goat angry at people for clogging the spring with trash, and Courage has to get past...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 405.1- Bride Of The Swamp Monster

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Bride of Swamp Monster: Muriel buys a necklace, and puts her picture inside, but she loses the pendant in a local swamp. The Swamp Monster finds it and believes Muriel is his long-lost bride. Courage must locate the r...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 404.2- Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted

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Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted: Eustace tries to prove that he can hunt to his dead brother, Horst. But the deer families are tired of being hunted and the father deer decides to hunt Eustace instead. Courage hosts a ga...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 404.1- Uncommon Cold

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The Uncommon Cold: Muriel seeks a cure for her unusual cold among some swamp-slugs enslaved by a snake named Big Bayou. The cure lies in Big Bayou's book, which Courage must steal in order to heal Muriel and free the ...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 403.2- Windmill Vandals

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Windmill Vandals: If the Bagge windmill stops turning, the ghosts of terrifying dead vandals will return to attack everyone at the homestead. Courage and Muriel must keep the windmill moving while Eustace tries to fix...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 403.1- Le Quack Balloon

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Le Quack Balloon: Le Quack kidnaps Muriel and puts her on a hot air balloon. He teaches her to bungee-jump from the balloon so she can grab a Swedish ingredient for her food, but he is tricking her so he can rob the S...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 402.2- House Calls

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Housecalls: Lonely Dr. Gerhart wants some neighbors, but his jealous, old house fends them away. He "brings" the Bagges' farm next to his house, but Gerhart's house intends on destroying the Bagges' home. Courage then...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 402.1- Rumpedkiltskin

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Rumpledkiltskin: Muriel's "Uncle Angus" invites her to Scotland, where he imprisons her and demands that she makes thousands of kilts. Courage must learn Uncle's real name and free Muriel.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 401.2- The Nutcracker

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The Nutcracker: The Bagges go to the junkyard to hunt for useful trash, and Courage finds a nutcracker. Two man-eating rats want to feast on Muriel and Eustace. After Eustace is captured, Courage must get Muriel away ...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 401.1- A Beaver’s Tale

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A Beaver's Tale: When the local river floods Nowhere, Courage must locate the source of the disaster. When it turns out that a beaver's dam is causing it, Courage helps the beaver follow his dreams rather than build d...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 313.2- Courage Under the Volcano

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Courage Under the Volcano: Eustace, Muriel, and Courage crash down on an island, and is welcomed by a native chief. The citizens dress Muriel in their special native clothing so she can be sacrificed to the Volcano Go...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 313.1- King Of Flan

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King of Flan: The King of Flan uses television to hypnotize everyone in Nowhere to eat as much flan as possible. As the citizens of Nowhere become addicted to flan (and become horribly fat), Courage must stop the King...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 312.2- Swindlin’ Wind

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Swindlin' Wind: Eustace, Muriel, and Courage go to Shirley's Shop, where Muriel sees a necklace she wants. Eustace gives Shirley an oil deed for the necklace, but she realizes that it's an oil bill. Shirley gets upset...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 312.1- The Quilt Club

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The Quilt Club: Muriel and Courage go to a quilt shop and meet conjoined twin sisters, and Muriel wants to be a part of their quilt club, so she goes to an extreme quilt making test to join them. But Courage starts sm...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 311.2- Snowman’s Revenge

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Snowman's Revenge: After the north pole faces heat and everything melts, the snowman creates a mechanical mitten that allows the user to produce snow at will. He moves in the Bagges's farm and freezes it, causing extr...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 311.1- Dome Of Doom

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Dome of Doom: After a drought, the Bagges are unable to grow food. But when they read an ad of free food, they order it. However the plant fruits and vegetables are carnivorous and attempt to eat the Bagges.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 310.2- Fishy Business

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Angry Nasty People: Benton Tarantella, the zombie director returns to convince the Bagges to star in his latest sitcom Angry Nasty People.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 310.1- Angry Nasty People

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Fishy Business: A fish missionary arrives at the farmhouse, believing that the Bagges are unfit to live on the land, and the fish court forces them to live in a fish bowl with gills.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 309.2- Watch The Birdies

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Watch the Birdies: When Muriel gets abducted by a giant mother bird, it tells her to look after its three babies or she will be eaten. Courage must aid Muriel in keeping the babies safe.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 309.1- Mondo Magic

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Mondo Magic: Muriel feels she is being watched by someone, and Courage discovers a magic kit on the porch, and after doing tricks with it, a magician named Mondo comes out and shows off his magic. He is soon discovere...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 308.2- Night Of The Scarecrow

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Night of the Scarecrow: After leaving a county fair, the Bagges get lost through a cornfield and crash into a scarecrow. They take him home where Muriel fixes him up and makes him a mouth so he can talk. He soon becom...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 308.1- So In Louvre Are We Two

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So In Louvre Are We Two: When visiting the Louvre, Muriel is convinced that the Mona Lisa looks just like her, and they are like sisters. After the guard is convinced that it looks nothing like Muriel, he locks the mu...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 307.2- Tulip’s Worm

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Tulip's Worm: Two alien teddy bears blast the citizens out of sight when they are looking for a giant worm. Courage discovers the worm outside of the farmhouse, and it reacts whenever he plays a tuba. The space bears ...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 307.1- Feast Of The Bullfrogs

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Feast of the Bullfrogs: Bullfrogs who have had all the water in their pond dried up start to invade the Bagges' house for water. There they enslave Courage, Muriel, and Eustace and force them to act like frogs.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 306.2- Curtain Of Cruelty

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Curtain of Cruelty: When a strange pink curtain is going through Nowhere making the citizens cruel and mean, Courage finds out that all of this is caused by Professor Mean, who is cruel and unhappy, and wants everyone...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 306.1- Katz Under The Sea

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Katz Under the Sea: When Muriel and Courage go on a submarine on their vacation, they do not realize it is being run by one of their old enemies, Katz.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 305.2- Conway The Contamonationist

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Conway the Contaminationist: A strange elderly man moves in with the Bagges, and he changes their lives when he assists them to live in a life of filth, causing a potential biohazard.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 305.1- Scuba Scuba Doo

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Scuba Scuba Doo: While on a tropical island, Courage and Muriel discover a underwater city made of coral. There, they befriend the citizens. Meanwhile, Eustace informs Ma that there are small creatures living in the c...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 304.2- The Ride Of The Valkyries

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The Ride of the Valkyries: While the Bagges are on holiday, three Valkyries mistake Muriel as their sister and carry her off into the sky where they will fight against the trolls on the next day. Courage sets out to w...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 304.1- Hard Drive Courage

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Hard Drive Courage: The computer develops a virus and it traps Muriel inside the computer. Courage must go into the computer world to bring her back.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 303.2- The Sandman Sleeps

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The Sandman Sleeps: The sandman is having trouble sleeping at night, so he takes Muriel's sleeping sand, causing Muriel to have insomnia. Courage must find the sandman and get her sleeping sand back.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 303.1- Stormy Weather

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Stormy Weather: A storm goddess who mistakes Courage to be her dog, Duncan, decides to take him, making Muriel furious, and the goddess' rage causes violent storms to occur. Courage must find Duncan before it is too l...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 302.2- Record Deal

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Record Deal: While cleaning out her junk, Shirley finds a mystic Velvet Vic record and when she throws it out, Eustace finds it. But when he listens to it, the actual Velvet Vic comes out of the player and traps Murie...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 302.1- Campsite Of Terror

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Campsite of Terror: Muriel, Eustace, and Courage go to a campsite for the weekend, and Muriel is kidnapped by two orphaned raccoons. Courage must save her as well as the raccoons who are trying not to be captured by E...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 301.2- Courage Vs. Mecha-Courage

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Courage vs. Mecha-Courage: Di Lung feels that Courage isn't a good enough dog, and eventually builds a mechanical version of him, which replaces him in the family.

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 301.1- Muriel Meets Her Match

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Muriel Meets Her Match: A young lady named Maria Ladrones and her husband, who is just a hand (named Mano Ladrones), comes to Muriel's house when the TV needs fixing Muriel and Eustace are unaware the couple are crimi...

Courage The Cowardly Dog – 213.0- The Tower Of Dr. Zalost

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The Tower of Dr. Zalost[4] is about an extremely depressed and generally misunderstood professor, who is incapable of dealing with the sorrowful condition by himself. Overcome by his jealousy of others' happiness, he ...

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