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Mordecai and Rigby play “Roadkill Bingo”, where in order to get a Bingo, one has to pick up the dead roadkill animals on the bingo card. When Mordecai and Rigby get a bingo, they can stop working. Rigby finds a skunk in the middle of the road, but the skunk is alive, and he sprays Rigby. This skunk is actually a Were-Skunk, and if one gets sprayed by it, they will transform into a Were-Skunk too. Rigby tries many cures to get the smell of the skunk away, but he starts to transform and attack Skips in Were-Skunk shape, which for a time he transforms into each time he gets angry. When at the coffee shop, Eileen laughs at Rigby, and he transforms and begins to attack her. Ashamed at what he has become, Rigby runs off to find the Were-Skunk, who tells him that the cure is pineapple juice. On the way, Rigby’s transformation begins, and when he rushes home, the Were-Skunk tells him that he lied so he could stall for time. Soon, Rigby’s transformation is almost complete, and although Mordecai finds the correct cure- tomato paste, Rigby must battle the Were-Skunk so he can use the tomato paste and turn back to normal. After a long duel, Rigby uses a hammer and smashes the tomato paste, restoring Rigby and the Were-Skunk back to normal.