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Bean has to go to hospital after getting his hand stuck in a teapot, but becomes impatient while waiting his turn. His number ticket was 76, and the digital counter showed 22. First, he starts a fight to clear two men from the queue, then steals a lower-numbered ticket (52) from a more seriously injured patient and overturns a digital counter (so that 25 looks like 52), but eventually manages to lose his place anyway thanks to the seriously injured patient thwarting him by holding the handle of the teapot his hand was stuck in. After starting another fight with the same two men from earlier, Bean gets to the front of the queue and pulls out a ticket, but is shocked to find that it is a larger number. Frustratedly, he throws his ticket into the dustbin, only to get his other hand caught in the dustbin. He is compelled to pull out another ticket, using his mouth.