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Bean goes to the laundrette. After removing a woman’s laundry from the washer, she gestures towards him. Bean realises he’s wearing underwear he wanted to wash so he stands behind a partition to change out of them, accidentally getting his trousers mixed up with a lady’s skirt. This escalates the taunting from the bully so Bean decides to get revenge on him. He substitutes the bully’s soap detergent with black coffee. Unfortunately, Bean is forced to drink some detergent to disguise the fact he switched the cups. This works, and when the bully’s martial arts gear emerges severely stained from the wash, he blames the owner of the launderette. Later, after retrieving his mutated washing (including a shrunken Teddy) from the drier, Bean needs to retrieve his trousers from the lady’s washing. He resorts to climbing into a drier to find them just as the lady returns and closes it (and starts it) with Bean still inside.