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French is an Eiffel Language. The seventeen remaining teams all travel to the next country, Paris, France. The first challenge awaits them at the Eiffel Tower, at which the team members who did not eat the spicy soup must draw adequate caricatures of their partners. Then, they must head down into the catacombs of Paris, navigate their way through them to find an exit at which large wheels of Roquefort cheese were waiting, and then raft their way to the Louvre on one of the cheese wheels. Jen & Tom and Gerry & Pete suffer from taxi problems, while Carrie & Devin experience trouble with Carrie’s caricature of Devin. Josee & Jacques run into their own difficulties when they forget their oars for their cheese wheels, and Ryan loses both his and Stephanie’s oars entirely. It is a close race for first place, but Sanders & MacArthur reach the Chill Zone first, narrowly beating Josee & Jacques. Owen & Noah arrive eleventh, but incur a twenty-minute penalty when Owen eats their cheese wheel prior to arriving at the Chill Zone. This allows many teams to check in ahead of them while they wait out the penalty, but it is not enough to save Gerry & Pete, who barely come in last place and become the second team eliminated.