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Tom and Jerry have wrecked the house they lived in during a frantic Tom-Jerry-esque chase, so they enter a race/reality show titled the “Fabulous Super Race”, which offers the race-winner a luxurious mansion. Tom and Jerry, having built their own customized vehicles from scrap materials in a junk yard, present themselves to J.W., producer and head of of Globwobbler Studios, and his assistant Irving, who are hosting the race. Race commentators are Biff Buzzard and Buzz Blister. The two then meet the contestants: Steed Dirkly, Granny, Gorthan the Destroyer of Light, Mallory “Soccer Mom” Macdoogle, and Dr. Professor. Dr. Professor is eliminated before the race when he and his vehicle are vaporized by anti-matter.

The racers begin the race in Hollywood, California, and was initially going to be from Hollywood to Mexico, but due to public ratings of the event, J.W. decides move the finish line to the Amazonian jungle. During the leg, Tom switches a sign, causing contestant Mallory “Soccer Mom” Macdoogle to drive her car into a pit of quicksand. Tom then attempts to destroy a bridge in an attempt to eliminate Jerry, but fails. When the studio head changes the race again, the hosts, Biff and Buzz, announce that the next leg of the race is set in Antarctica, and the remaining drivers will have to modify their cars for ocean travel.

On the way to the South Pole, Steed Dirkly encounters what he thinks is a mermaid on an island, who, in turn, proceeds to feed him to her ravenous offspring. The first contestant to reach the destination grounds is Gorthan, who is then eliminated when, after being goaded into touching his tongue to a metal pole by the hosts, he causes himself and his car to float away on an iceberg. Before the start of the next leg of the race, Tom, Jerry and Granny arrive on the scene. As the remaining racers modify their cars, Granny is apparently eliminated when she and her dog Squinty are swallowed by a whale thanks to Tom’s machinations. During the Antarctic leg, Tom and Jerry race each other across Antarctica. Meanwhile, in the production office, the J.W. is notified that the ratings of the race are up and need to be kept up. The hosts are then notified that the racers will have to modify their cars again to race underwater to Australia. Tom is seemingly eliminated when he crashes into a concrete block and his car damaged by an anchor.

Jerry arrives and gestures to the hosts that he has not seen Tom, who is then assumed dead. Jerry then continues racing across Australia to Borneo, where the finish line has been reassigned to. Granny returns to the race when the whale that swallowed her and Squinty spits them out. Tom also returns to the race when Irving flies to Australia to administer CPR. Tom then repairs his car and cuts the continent in half using a laser in an attempt to simultaneously get into first place and kill Jerry, Granny and Squinty. A boxing kangaroo attacks Tom in revenge for the destruction while the others escape.

The next leg of the race involves them modifying their cars with balloons for air travel to Borneo. After Tom pops Granny’s balloons, Granny and Squirty fall to their deaths bickering over what they assume was a parachute. After Tom’s own balloons pop, he crashlands into a vacationing Spike, and then gives pursuit after Jerry and the finishing line. Meanwhile, in the production office, J.W. announces that the final final leg of the race is back to Hollywood, which will involve them travelling around the world back to the finishing point with high speed jets in only five minutes due to the race taking too long. Tom and Jerry are shocked at this latest last-minute change, but go ahead and race through Asia, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, causing massive destruction in their wake. At the finish line, Tom and Jerry’s jet planes break down causing them to tie at the finish line.

Although they both win because of the tie, J.W. says according to the contract, since they tied, they have to do the race all over again. Tom and Jerry proceed to attack J.W. in retaliation, then seize the key to the mansion from him. J.W., angry and disoriented, decides that Hollywood stands for family entertainment, whereupon the pharaoh-like President of Hollywood appears to incinerate J.W. for his inappropriate change of heart. Meanwhile, Tom and Jerry share their new mansion peacefully, until their previous owner shows up and demands Tom dispose of Jerry.