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Animals of Farthing Wood Season 1 Episode 5 – Snare For The Unwary

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Snare For The Unwary The usually-cowardly Pheasant volunteers to go back to the farm in order to find Adder. Sadly, he too is shot by the Farmer. Owl then flies on to save Adder and is able to return later the next mo...

Animals of Farthing Wood Season 1 Episode 4 – False Haven

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Haven The animals have reached the fence, but are unable to continue resting due to the slight shower of rain. Toad, however, finds a dry, warm barn for the animals to sleep in and the entire group leaves the army lan...

American Dad! Season 1 Episode 7 – Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

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Deacon Stan, Jesus Man Stan, wanting to beat his rival at something, volunteers to become a replacement deacon against him after the previous deacon died. Meanwhile, Roger is going through his reproductive cycle and, ...