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Tom and Jerry – Mouse Into Space

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Mouse Into Space Jerry, tired of Tom’s repeated attempts to kill him, leaves the house to join a space program. Tom tries to convince Jerry to stay, but to no avail.

Tom and Jerry – High Steaks

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 High Steaks Tom’s owner, Clint Clobber(the minor character of this episode) is grilling steaks in his backyard. The steak’s scent reaches Jerry(the antagonist/villian of this episode), who is aroused by it and is led...

Tom and Jerry – Its Greek to Me-ow

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 It’s Greek to Me-ow The film opens with a narrator introducing the ancient Greek Acropolis, describing its wealth and beautiful architecture (“All the world has seen the beautiful Greek Acropolis from the front”). Ho...

Tom and Jerry – Down and Outing

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Down and Outing Tom accompanies his owner, Clint Clobber on a fishing trip. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to humiliate Tom, Jerry gathers some fishing supplies and tags along. While Tom’s owner is loading the...

Tom and Jerry – Switchin Kitten

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Switchin’ Kitten During a storm, Tom is trying to find a place to stay after being thrown out of a horse drawn wagon. In the meantime, Jerry is assisting a mad scientist in a castle. They take an orange cat (while not...

Tom and Jerry – Tot Watchers

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Tot Watchers Babysitter Jeannie is instructed to look after the baby while Joan goes out. However, Jeannie pays more attention to the telephone than her actual babysitting. In the midst of Tom and Jerry’s usual fighti...

Tom and Jerry – Robin Hoodwinked

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Robin Hoodwinked Hearing the news that Robin Hood has been captured, and is sure to hang, Jerry and Nibbles decide to go and free Robin, who is in imprisoned in a castle with Tom as guard. They break into the prison a...

Tom and Jerry – The Vanishing Duck

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The Vanishing Duck In a plot reminiscent of 1947′s The Invisible Mouse, Quacker is a singing duck who has been purchased by George, for Joan. After nearly being swallowed alive by Tom when George and Joan are out at d...

Tom and Jerry – Royal Cat Nap

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 Royal Cat Nap This is another one of the cartoons set in Paris. The king is sleeping peacefully in his bed, then Jerry and Tuffy climb a nearby table. However, Tuffy loses his balance and grabs Jerry’s outfit, but ca...

Tom and Jerry – Happy Go Ducky

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Happy Go Ducky On Easter morning, the Easter Bunny leaves an Easter egg for Tom and Jerry. However, the egg is not a chocolate egg; instead, out hatches a duckling named Quacker, who insists on swimming in everything ...

Tom and Jerry – Toms Photo Finish

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 Tom sneaks into the kitchen to the fridge. He grabs a whole chicken and takes a couple of bites out of it before he hears George coming his way. Tom hurriedly shoves the chicken back into the refrigerator and hides. ...

Tom and Jerry – Mucho Mouse

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Mucho Mouse MADRID, 1956 The camera slowly pans to the right and reveals a Spanish house, and goes inside to the sound of a flamenco guitar. As the camera reveals that Lightning is playing the guitar while leaning aga...

Tom and Jerry – Timid Tabby

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 Timid Tabby Tom is chasing Jerry in circles around the house. Tom then receives a letter from his cousin George who says in the letter that he is frightened of mice and is coming to visit.

Tom and Jerry – Tops with Pops

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Tops with Pops The cartoon begins with Spike sleeping beside his son Tyke. When Tyke suddenly wakes up, Spike comforts him back to sleep again. Just then, Tom and Jerry enter the scene. Tom runs through a door and int...

Tom and Jerry – Barbecue Brawl

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Barbecue Brawl Spike and Tyke walk into the backyard to have a barbecue. The first attempt fails because the charcoal blows up. On the second attempt, Spike puts on too much charcoal on the barbecue, the result which ...

Tom and Jerry – Blue Cat Blues

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 Blue Cat Blues A depressed Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, bent on suicide. Watching from a bridge crossing the tracks from above, Jerry sadly relives “the story of a cat with a broken heart” in his head.

Tom and Jerry – Down Beat Bear

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Down Beat Bear Tom enters, sits down and reads a newspaper, but the music makes Tom turn off the radio. Jerry is inside, irritated that this action removes all the light from the tubes inside the radio, and then he tu...

Tom and Jerry – Muscle Beach Tom

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 Muscle Beach Tom It is a busy day at Muscle Beach; Jerry sunbathes while several cats are working out with weights. Tom and his girlfriend arrive and Tom dumps their beach equipment on top of Jerry. Jerry crawls out ...

Tom and Jerry – Busy Buddies

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Busy Buddies Jeannie the babysitter is supposed to be looking after an unnamed baby while Joan and George are out. However, she is more interested in talking on the telephone. At first Tom and Jerry take the opportuni...

Tom and Jerry– The Egg and Jerry

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The Egg and Jerry The Egg and Jerry begins with a mother woodpecker leaving her nest for a brief lunch. The egg that she was nesting jumps up in her absence and falls to the ground, rolling into Jerry’s mouse hole and...

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