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Tom and Jerry – Of Feline Bondage

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Of Feline Bondage Jerry is then running along near one of the tables and runs up a pool cue placed by Tom and onto a cue ball on one of the tables. Tom breaks by shooting the cue ball into the rack and Jerry gets bopp...

Tom and Jerry – Haunted Mouse

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Haunted Mouse A mouse who looks identical to Jerry, but wears a black top hat, bow tie, and cloak and carries a walking stick, visits Jerry. The stick is revealed to actually be a wand when he lifts a fence panel with...

Tom and Jerry – The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off

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The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off The camera zooms out to reveal Jerry has incorporated a radar system, a chair, a pool, and a tree. Jerry’s radar goes crazy and an outline of a cat appears in the screen. He is fairly sure...

Tom and Jerry – Bad Day at Cat Rock

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 Bad Day at Cat Rock Tom walks across a beam and stops in order to stare into the air. A black dotted line is formed in the air, and Tom walks across it. Jerry then creates one himself in the shape of stairs, and then...

Tom and Jerry – Tom-ic Energy

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Tom-ic Energy Tom chases Jerry on top of a building and then through the A/C vent and into the building. There is a chaotic struggle inside the building until the duo reach a balcony. Tom scares Jerry’s spirit out of ...

Tom and Jerry – Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life

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Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life Tom’s pursuit of Jerry circles around a room and back to Jerry’s mouse hole. Tom is moving so fast, he runs into the wall and turns into a four-legged stool. Tom attempts to cut off a 4×4...

Tom and Jerry – The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse

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 The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse Tom wakes up in his basket stretches his foot then gets Jerry to fetch him a glass of milk then when Jerry returns he wants him to massarge his shoulders. However, a kitten is delivered t...

Tom and Jerry – Snowbody Loves Me

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 Snowbody Loves Me Jerry is out in the cold Swiss Alps, caught up in a snowball and rolls all the way into a pillar. Jerry rolls himself around on the ground to warm himself up (really a side effect from when he was i...

Tom and Jerry – Much Ado About Mousing

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Much Ado About Mousing After showing the title cards, the camera zooms towards Tom fishing on a pier. Tom baits the line with cheese and casts it all the way out to a far-off ship and into Jerry’s mouse hole. The cat ...

Tom and Jerry – Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

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Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? As the beginning credits roll, Jerry is seen mixing a potion. When he drinks the potion, he discovers he is able to run (and eat) at blinding speed.

Tom and Jerry – The Cat Above and the Mouse Below

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The Cat Above and the Mouse Below In a concert entitled “Signor Thomasino Catti-Cazzaza Baritone”, Tom is a baritone singer who will perform at a concert to sing Largo al factotum from The Barber of Seville. While all...

Tom and Jerry – Pent-House Mouse

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 Pent-House Mouse In the cartoon, Tom is seen living the high life in a penthouse, while Jerry is seen with an empty stomach looking for food. Jerry sees a lunchbox at a construction site and jumps into it to have a m...

Tom and Jerry – Carmen Get It!

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Carmen Get It! Tom chases Jerry into the then-brand new Metropolitan Opera House, where Georges Bizet’s Carmen opera is being performed, but is quickly thrown off the premises by the guard. Tom attempts to get in by d...

Tom and Jerry – Buddies Thicker Than Water

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 Buddies Thicker Than Water On a snowy night in New York City, Jerry is comfortably asleep in his hole inside a penthouse, while Tom tries to keep from freezing to death in the alley below, having been thrown out by t...

Tom and Jerry – Sorry Safari

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Sorry Safari Tom joins his owner on a hunting safari in Kenya. Jerry has hidden himself in the owner’s luggage, and Tom quickly sees him and attempts to get rid of him. His attempts fail, with the added complication t...

Tom and Jerry – Tall in the Trap

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Tall in the Trap In the Old West town of Dry Gulp, Jerry – wanted for “cheese rustlin’” – steals a wedge of cheese from the general store. When the furious shopkeeper demands action, the sheriff hires the “Fastest Tra...

Tom and Jerry – The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit

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The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit The cartoon is a seven-minute “commercial” for the Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit, with which “anyone can now enter the lucrative field of animated cartoons.” The items in the kit include the ...

Tom and Jerry – Dicky Moe

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 Dicky Moe In a 19th century fishing harbor, the captain of the Komquot is obsessed with catching the great white whale Dicky Moe. His obsession unnerves his crew so badly that they all desert the ship. Shortly afterw...

Tom and Jerry – Calypso Cat

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Calypso Cat Calypso While chasing Jerry around a dock, Tom sees and instantly falls in love with a female cat. The female cat appears to return Tom’s interest, so Tom sneaks aboard the ship the female cat and her owne...

Tom and Jerry – Landing Stripling

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 Landing Stripling Tom and Jerry are sleeping outside during the day when a yellow bird wearing a red helmet lands on Tom, waking him up. Although the bird brushes Tom’s torso off and reacts politely like “pardon me”,...

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