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Tom and Jerr – Mouse Cleaning

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 Mouse Cleaning The cartoon opens with Mammy Two Shoes mopping the kitchen floor. Right after she finishes, she is happy to have cleaned the entire house and hopes it will remain clean; unfortunately, it doesn’t, as t...

Tom and Jerry Episode 43 – The Cat and the Mermouse

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The Cat and the Mermouse Tom’s relaxation at the beach is interrupted by Jerry who inadvertently walks all over a sunbathing Tom going fishing. Jerry falls into Tom’s mouth and while escaping, nearly causes Tom to swa...

Tom and Jerry Episode 45 – Jerrys Diary

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Jerry’s Diary Tom places a bunch of traps in front of Jerry’s mouse hole. He raises a cleaver over the hole and is stopped by the tubby looking talking radio, telling him it is “Be kind to Animals” week. He removes th...

Tom and Jerry – Bad Day at Cat Rock

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 Bad Day at Cat Rock Tom walks across a beam and stops in order to stare into the air. A black dotted line is formed in the air, and Tom walks across it. Jerry then creates one himself in the shape of stairs, and then...

Tom and Jerry – Blue Cat Blues

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 Blue Cat Blues A depressed Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, bent on suicide. Watching from a bridge crossing the tracks from above, Jerry sadly relives “the story of a cat with a broken heart” in his head.

Tom and Jerry – Buddies Thicker Than Water

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 Buddies Thicker Than Water On a snowy night in New York City, Jerry is comfortably asleep in his hole inside a penthouse, while Tom tries to keep from freezing to death in the alley below, having been thrown out by t...

Tom and Jerry – Cat Fishin

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Cat Fishin’ By a lake, signs are posted that say “no fishing”, “keep out”, “private property”, “no trespassing”, and “beware of dog”. Spike is shown guarding the fence asleep. Tom shows up with his fishing gear and he...

Tom and Jerry – Catty-Cornered

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Catty-Cornered Jerry screws up his courage and steals two of Tom’s whiskers. He is attacked but tricks Tom into smacking the other cat. Anger ensues. Jerry trips an arrow aimed at a cheese wheel, it strips the other c...

Tom and Jerry – Down and Outing

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Down and Outing Tom accompanies his owner, Clint Clobber on a fishing trip. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to humiliate Tom, Jerry gathers some fishing supplies and tags along. While Tom’s owner is loading the...

Tom and Jerry – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse Near a basement window are two milk bottles. Through the basement window, Tom reaches for one of the bottles and then snatches it, rushing into the living room to pour it in his bowl and drink...

Tom and Jerry – Flirty Birdy

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 Flirty Birdy Tom is laying down a trail of cheese for Jerry. Tom traps Jerry in two slices of bread into a sandwich. Before Tom can eat his sandwich, an eagle swoops down and steals the sandwich from Tom’s hands. Tom...

Tom and Jerry – High Steaks

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 High Steaks Tom’s owner, Clint Clobber(the minor character of this episode) is grilling steaks in his backyard. The steak’s scent reaches Jerry(the antagonist/villian of this episode), who is aroused by it and is led...

Tom and Jerry – Jerry and the Goldfish

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 Jerry and the Goldfish Jerry approaches a sleeping goldfish, feeds him, and makes friends. Meanwhile, Tom is listening to a French cookery show, which is explaining a fish soup recipe (possibly bouillabaisse); the ch...

Tom and Jerry – Jerry-Go-Round

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 Jerry-Go-Round Tom chases Jerry through the sidewalk as the title cards and credits are shown. Jerry gives Tom the slip and Tom turns around the other way in anger. Jerry stops short when he sees a lion’s mouth, but ...

Tom and Jerry – Kitty Foiled

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Kitty Foiled Tom can now be seen, attempting to smash Jerry with a broom, but instead repeatedly breaking lamps and glasses. Jerry hides in the one unbroken glass and runs away, but Tom picks up the glass and waits fo...

Tom and Jerry – Mice Follies

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Mice Follies Jerry and Nibbles flood the kitchen and freeze the water, turning the room into a skating rink. The two mice go about their own business, skating and sliding across the frozen floor – until Tom is woken u...

Tom and Jerry – Muscle Beach Tom

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 Muscle Beach Tom It is a busy day at Muscle Beach; Jerry sunbathes while several cats are working out with weights. Tom and his girlfriend arrive and Tom dumps their beach equipment on top of Jerry. Jerry crawls out ...

Tom and Jerry – Part Time Pal

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Part Time Pal Tom is being scolded by Mammy Two Shoes in the kitchen. It’s Tom’s last chance to keep the mouse of out the fridge or he gets thrown out and she hands Tom her broom.

Tom and Jerry – Pent-House Mouse

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 Pent-House Mouse In the cartoon, Tom is seen living the high life in a penthouse, while Jerry is seen with an empty stomach looking for food. Jerry sees a lunchbox at a construction site and jumps into it to have a m...

Tom and Jerry – Puss Gets the Boot

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Puss Gets the Boot Tom is known as “Jasper” in this short. Jerry is unnamed in this short, but is officially known as Jinx. First appearances of Tom, Jerry and Mammy Two Shoes. First cartoon to get nominated for Acade...

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