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Tom and Jerry – The Truce Hurts

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The Truce Hurts The cartoon opens with Jerry thrown from the house along with Tom as well as Spike. Jerry stops by the garage and grabs a pipe, Tom also grabs a frying pan and Spike picks up a baseball bat, but Spike ...

Tom and Jerry – Life with Tom

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 Life with Tom A mailman delivers two packages and whistles out loud. Tom approaches to see that nothing is in his mailbox. He spots a package in Jerry’s mailbox though, which appears to be a book, and tears it to rev...

Tom and Jerry – The Vanishing Duck

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The Vanishing Duck In a plot reminiscent of 1947′s The Invisible Mouse, Quacker is a singing duck who has been purchased by George, for Joan. After nearly being swallowed alive by Tom when George and Joan are out at d...

Tom and Jerry – Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary

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Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary 1:59 AM: Jerry sleepwalks out of his hole and pulls Tom’s whiskers such that they align themselves on one side of his face. Tom wakes up in puzzlement and pushes his whiskers back to even ...

The Tom and Jerry Show Episode 17 Domestic Kingdom; Molecular Breakup

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 “Domestic Kingdom” Tom stars in a documentary that mischaracterizes his daily activities. All of his daily activities, from chasing Jerry to “romancing” Toodles are recorded.“Molecular Breakup” Dr. Bigby invents a tr...

Tom and Jerry – The Lonesome Mouse

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 The Lonesome Mouse Tom is taking a nap by the fireplace. Above Jerry drops a vase on his head. The crashing brings out Mammy Two Shoes, who throws Tom out of the house. He then crashes into a mop and washcrate, givin...

Tom and Jerry – Saturday Evening Puss

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 Saturday Evening Puss Mammy dresses up before preparing to leave for the Lucky Seven Saturday Night Bridge Club. As she leaves, Tom was very happy and rush to the window Tom whistle to Butch, Lightning and Topsy to g...

Tom and Jerry– Southbound Duckling

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 Southbound Duckling Quacker is convinced that all ducks fly South for the winter. He packs his suitcase, visits Jerry to tell him about his migration plans, and tries to leave but Jerry stops him. The mouse shows Qua...

Tom and Jerry – The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit

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The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit The cartoon is a seven-minute “commercial” for the Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit, with which “anyone can now enter the lucrative field of animated cartoons.” The items in the kit include the ...

Tom and Jerry – Rock n Rodent

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 Rock ‘n’ Rodent In Tom and Jerry’s penthouse apartment around 10:00 PM, Tom finishes reading a book and prepares to sleep, setting his alarm clock to ring in the morning. However, this is also time for Jerry to get u...

Tom and Jerry Carrtoon: Tom and Jerry: Santa’s Little Helpers

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Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers is a 2014 animated Direct-to-DVD special starring Tom and Jerry, produced by Warner Bros. Animation. 

Tom and Jerry – Trap Happy

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Trap Happy Jerry is being chased down the steps by Tom. Jerry hides under a chair and Tom runs under it, but gets smacked on the bottom with a board from Jerry. Jerry’s mousehole is then mined with dynamite, but unkno...

Tom and Jerry – Cat Napping

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 Cat Napping Jerry is snoozing in a hammock, until Tom walks out with a drink, a radio, a pillow and a newspaper and tries to sit on it. He spots the mouse and slides Jerry off the hammock and into the water; Jerry sh...

Tom and Jerry – Muscle Beach Tom

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 Muscle Beach Tom It is a busy day at Muscle Beach; Jerry sunbathes while several cats are working out with weights. Tom and his girlfriend arrive and Tom dumps their beach equipment on top of Jerry. Jerry crawls out ...

Tom and Jerry – Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life

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Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life Tom’s pursuit of Jerry circles around a room and back to Jerry’s mouse hole. Tom is moving so fast, he runs into the wall and turns into a four-legged stool. Tom attempts to cut off a 4×4...

The Tom and Jerry Show 2014 Episode 7 Birds of a Feather; Vampire Mouse

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Birds of a Feather; Both Tom and Butch compete against to go after Ginger’s mom’s bird when her and Rick watch it for the weekend. Jerry also makes sure nothing happens to the bird.Vampire Mouse; Jerry tricks Tom by p...

Tom and Jerry – Old Rockin Chair Tom

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 Old Rockin’ Chair Tom Mammy Two Shoes is standing on a chair, screaming in panic, being harassed by Jerry. She calls for Tom, who lazily wakes up and then rejuvenates instantly when he sees the mouse. Tom chases Jerr...

Tom and Jerry – Puppy Tale

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Puppy Tale One night, Jerry rescues a drowning sack of puppies thrown from a car into a nearby river, including one who licks him repeatedly, and who has a circle pattern on his rear end. Most of the puppies run away,...

Tom and Jerry – Robin Hoodwinked

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Robin Hoodwinked Hearing the news that Robin Hood has been captured, and is sure to hang, Jerry and Nibbles decide to go and free Robin, who is in imprisoned in a castle with Tom as guard. They break into the prison a...

Tom and Jerry – Jerry-Go-Round

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 Jerry-Go-Round Tom chases Jerry through the sidewalk as the title cards and credits are shown. Jerry gives Tom the slip and Tom turns around the other way in anger. Jerry stops short when he sees a lion’s mouth, but ...

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