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Tom and Jerry – Push-Button Kitty

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 Push-Button Kitty Mammy Two Shoes (in her last screen appearance) is sweeping the floor and Tom relaxing near Jerry’s mouse hole. Tom raises his feet to let Mammy sweep under him, while Jerry is undisturbed as he com...

Tom and Jerry – Fit to Be Tied

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 Fit to Be Tied As Spike is happily prancing along the street, he steps on a thumbtack and yells for help. Jerry removes the pin after hearing the dog’s pained cries, and as a reward, Spike becomes Jerry’s protector, ...

Tom and Jerry – Little Runaway

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 Little Runaway A baby seal cuts his way out of his cage while the circus owners are sleeping and makes his way to Tom and Jerry’s house. Meanwhile, at the house Jerry is getting ready for a swim. He dives headdown in...

Tom and Jerry – Triplet Trouble

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Triplet Trouble Tom and Jerry are playing a paddle-string ball, when the doorbell buzzes. Mammy Two Shoes answers the door while Tom and Jerry hide in a drawer. Mammy has adopted “three little fluffy kittens”. Mammy c...

Tom and Jerry – The Two Mouseketeers

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The Two Mouseketeers Jerry and Nibbles are two mouseketeers who decide to help themselves to a lavish banquet, which Tom has been ordered to guard from the King’s Mouseketeers with his life; failure to do so, and he w...