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Tom and Jerry – Tee for Two

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Tee for Two The cartoon opens on a golf course. As the camera pans across the course, we see Tom trying to hit a ball out of a giant divot, and finally hits the ball out on his 50th attempt. When Tom takes the flag ou...

Tom and Jerry – Puttin on the Dog

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Puttin’ on the Dog Tom chases Jerry until they run into a dog pound. The dogs expel Tom and the cat hides behind a tree. Jerry, however, is sitting on Spike’s back, and he taunts Tom. Tom notices a paper dog with a he...

Tom and Jerry – The Bodyguard

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 The Bodyguard The cartoon opens with Tom chasing Jerry. Jerry hides behind a potato mound in a garden when he hears Spike the bulldog call to him. Spike has been caught by a dog catcher and locked in the back of his ...

Tom and Jerry – The Million Dollar Cat

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 The Million Dollar Cat A telegram arrives to Tom that reads, “Madam…In accord with the wishes of your eccentric Aunt Harriet your cat Thomas has been left the sum of one million dollars”, something that makes Tom ver...

Tom and Jerry – The Zoot Ca

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 The Zoot Cat There is a pink ribbon tied to the card and the ribbon is tied to Jerry who is in a gift box. Meanwhile Tom is getting ready for a date with his whiskers in curlers and putting lard on the top of his hea...

Tom and Jerry – The Yankee Doodle Mouse

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The Yankee Doodle Mouse Tom pursues Jerry through a cellar, but the mouse successfully dives into his mousehole (labeled “Cat Raid Shelter”). Tom peers into the hole, and Jerry launches a tomato from a mousetrap into ...

Tom and Jerry – The Lonesome Mouse

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 The Lonesome Mouse Tom is taking a nap by the fireplace. Above Jerry drops a vase on his head. The crashing brings out Mammy Two Shoes, who throws Tom out of the house. He then crashes into a mop and washcrate, givin...

Tom and Jerry – The Night Before Christmas

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The Night Before Christmas Nominated for Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons. This is the first Christmas-related cartoon. There are others where there is snow out.

Tom and Jerry – The Midnight Snack

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The Midnight Snack First Tom and Jerry cartoon in which the characters are so named. Basically the first “official” Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Tom and Jerry – Puss Gets the Boot

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Puss Gets the Boot Tom is known as “Jasper” in this short. Jerry is unnamed in this short, but is officially known as Jinx. First appearances of Tom, Jerry and Mammy Two Shoes. First cartoon to get nominated for Acade...

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