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Tom and Jerry – Mucho Mouse

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Mucho Mouse MADRID, 1956 The camera slowly pans to the right and reveals a Spanish house, and goes inside to the sound of a flamenco guitar. As the camera reveals that Lightning is playing the guitar while leaning aga...

Tom and Jerry – Timid Tabby

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 Timid Tabby Tom is chasing Jerry in circles around the house. Tom then receives a letter from his cousin George who says in the letter that he is frightened of mice and is coming to visit.

Tom and Jerry – Tops with Pops

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Tops with Pops The cartoon begins with Spike sleeping beside his son Tyke. When Tyke suddenly wakes up, Spike comforts him back to sleep again. Just then, Tom and Jerry enter the scene. Tom runs through a door and int...

Tom and Jerry – Barbecue Brawl

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Barbecue Brawl Spike and Tyke walk into the backyard to have a barbecue. The first attempt fails because the charcoal blows up. On the second attempt, Spike puts on too much charcoal on the barbecue, the result which ...

Tom and Jerry – Blue Cat Blues

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 Blue Cat Blues A depressed Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, bent on suicide. Watching from a bridge crossing the tracks from above, Jerry sadly relives “the story of a cat with a broken heart” in his head.

Tom and Jerry – Down Beat Bear

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Down Beat Bear Tom enters, sits down and reads a newspaper, but the music makes Tom turn off the radio. Jerry is inside, irritated that this action removes all the light from the tubes inside the radio, and then he tu...

Tom and Jerry – Muscle Beach Tom

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 Muscle Beach Tom It is a busy day at Muscle Beach; Jerry sunbathes while several cats are working out with weights. Tom and his girlfriend arrive and Tom dumps their beach equipment on top of Jerry. Jerry crawls out ...

Tom and Jerry – Busy Buddies

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Busy Buddies Jeannie the babysitter is supposed to be looking after an unnamed baby while Joan and George are out. However, she is more interested in talking on the telephone. At first Tom and Jerry take the opportuni...

Tom and Jerry– The Egg and Jerry

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The Egg and Jerry The Egg and Jerry begins with a mother woodpecker leaving her nest for a brief lunch. The egg that she was nesting jumps up in her absence and falls to the ground, rolling into Jerry’s mouse hole and...

Tom and Jerry – The Flying Sorceress

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The Flying Sorceress Tom is chasing Jerry through the house, then after bumping into a table and breaking an ornament Tom is scolded by Joan. While Tom is cleaning the mess, he sees in newspaper an advertisement. Tom ...

Tom and Jerry – Thats My Mommy

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 That’s My Mommy In a barn, a mother duck is sleeping, in a nest full of eggs. A stray egg rolls from the nest. As the duckling starts to hatch it blindly walks to find its mother’s nest.

Tom and Jerry – Pecos Pest

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Pecos Pest Jerry receives a telegram from his Uncle Pecos, soon Uncle Pecos arrives. The mustached mouse gives Jerry a performance on his guitar, playing his new song, “Crambone” (his variation of the song “Frog Went ...

Tom and Jerry – Smarty Cat

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Smarty Cat Tom’s feline friends (Butch, Topsy and Lightning)[1] peek over a fence and then Butch whistles. Tom shows them a sign with “Nobody home” written on it. The felines run to the house, sneaking while passing a...

Tom and Jerry – Tom and Chérie

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Tom and Chérie The cartoon begins with Jerry looking at a portrait of a gorgeous french mouse called Lilli. Jerry then writes Lilli a love letter and calls his assistant, Tuffy, and tells him to deliver it. Tuffy goes...

Tom and Jerry – Designs on Jerry

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 Designs on Jerry In the attic of a large house, Tom is busy designing the “perfect” mousetrap; his blueprint details a Rube Goldberg machine designed to catch Jerry, and eventually become a worldwide success. In addi...

Tom and Jerry – Mouse for Sale

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Mouse for Sale Tom is reading the paper but quickly discards it and pretends to be asleep when he sees his owner Joan walk past him. He then sees an ad in the paper that says: BIG MONEY PAID FOR WHITE MICE. There is a...

Tom and Jerry – Pup on a Picnic

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Pup on a Picnic Spike and Tyke are off on a picnic, but while putting their food in the picnic basket, the ensuing chase between Tom and Jerry results in Jerry jumping into the basket and Tom throwing out the entire c...

Tom and Jerry– Southbound Duckling

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 Southbound Duckling Quacker is convinced that all ducks fly South for the winter. He packs his suitcase, visits Jerry to tell him about his migration plans, and tries to leave but Jerry stops him. The mouse shows Qua...

Tom and Jerry– Touché, Pussy Cat!

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 Touché, Pussy Cat! The cartoon begins with Tuffy (formerly named Nibbles but voiced by the same actor) walking to the King’s Mouseketeers Headquarters in Paris. Upon reaching the said place, Tuffy becomes excited at ...

Tom and Jerry– Pet Peeve

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Pet Peeve Tom and Spike, living together as friends, happily, Spike is eating a club sandwich while Tom makes a sandwich. Tom drops a piece of bread and Jerry tries to steal it. Tom steps on his tail and pops him back...

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