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Tom and Jerry – Springtime for Thomas

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 Springtime for Thomas It is a beautiful spring day and Jerry wants to play with Tom, but Tom is too busy, fixated with a female cat sunbathing in the yard outside. Tom stares dreamily at her for hours, until eventual...

Tom and Jerry – Sleepy-Time Tom

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Sleepy-Time Tom Tom and his cat friends—Butch, Lightning, and Meathead—are singing loudly in the middle of the night. The cats drop Tom off at home; he is now very tired. He climbs up onto the window ledge. Mammy Two-...

Tom and Jerry – Tom and Chérie

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Tom and Chérie The cartoon begins with Jerry looking at a portrait of a gorgeous french mouse called Lilli. Jerry then writes Lilli a love letter and calls his assistant, Tuffy, and tells him to deliver it. Tuffy goes...

Tom and Jerry – Carmen Get It!

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Carmen Get It! Tom chases Jerry into the then-brand new Metropolitan Opera House, where Georges Bizet’s Carmen opera is being performed, but is quickly thrown off the premises by the guard. Tom attempts to get in by d...

Tom and Jerry – Advance and Be Mechanized

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 Advance and Be Mechanized The cartoon starts from another planet. One day, Jerry wants to get some cheese from the other room. He uses a mouse toy (Robot-Jerry) to go over the room. The mouse toy goes in the room, ta...

Tom and Jerry – Kitty Foiled

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Kitty Foiled Tom can now be seen, attempting to smash Jerry with a broom, but instead repeatedly breaking lamps and glasses. Jerry hides in the one unbroken glass and runs away, but Tom picks up the glass and waits fo...

Tom and Jerry – The Dog House

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The Dog House Spike is building the doghouse of his dreams. However, Tom chases Jerry through the chassis of the house and also pulls a board off it to attack the mouse with. When Jerry perches on Spike’s head, even l...

Tom and Jerry – Tops with Pops

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Tops with Pops The cartoon begins with Spike sleeping beside his son Tyke. When Tyke suddenly wakes up, Spike comforts him back to sleep again. Just then, Tom and Jerry enter the scene. Tom runs through a door and int...

Tom and Jerry – Haunted Mouse

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Haunted Mouse A mouse who looks identical to Jerry, but wears a black top hat, bow tie, and cloak and carries a walking stick, visits Jerry. The stick is revealed to actually be a wand when he lifts a fence panel with...

The Tom and Jerry Show Episode 11 What a Pain; Hop to It

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 What a Pain;“What a Pain:” After a particularly destructive chase, Tom and Spike have to go to the vet and Ginger hires an exterminator to take care of Jerry and Tuffy once and for all. Hop to It; Tom and Jerry have ...

Tom and Jerry – The Night Before Christmas

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The Night Before Christmas Nominated for Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons. This is the first Christmas-related cartoon. There are others where there is snow out.

Tom and Jerry – Little Quacker

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Little Quacker On a farm, a momma duck goes out for a swim, leaving behind an egg in her nest. Tom craftily reaches into the nest and takes the egg for cooking. He rushes back to his kitchen and places a frying pan ov...

Tom and Jerry – Baby Butch

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Baby Butch Down a dirty alleyway, Butch the alley cat is scavenging for food. He tries to first steal a bottle of milk, then a whole ham from Tom and Jerry’s house, but is unwittingly thwarted both times by Tom, who i...

Tom and Jerry – Its Greek to Me-ow

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 It’s Greek to Me-ow The film opens with a narrator introducing the ancient Greek Acropolis, describing its wealth and beautiful architecture (“All the world has seen the beautiful Greek Acropolis from the front”). Ho...

Tom and Jerry – Matinee Mouse

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Matinee Mouse Tom chases Jerry all over the house (scenes from Love That Pup, The Flying Cat, Professor Tom and The Missing Mouse) until Jerry gets back at Tom by beating him up in the closet (a clip from Jerry and th...

The Tom and Jerry Show Season 2 Episode 1

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The Tom and Jerry Show is a 2014 American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Renegade Animation, based on the Tom and Jerry characters and theatrical cartoon series created by William Ha...

Tom and Jerry – The Milky Waif

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The Milky Waif Jerry is asleep in his bed, dreaming of Tom catching him and knocking him on the head. The mouse wakes up and hears the knock again, to his fright, but sees it’s actually a knock at his door and goes ou...

Tom and Jerry – His Mouse Friday

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 His Mouse Friday The cartoon begins with Tom stranded at sea, floating on a wooden raft after presumably being shipwrecked, a la Robinson Crusoe. The poor cat has nothing to eat but shoes and shoelaces.[1] When he sp...

Tom and Jerry – Smarty Cat

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Smarty Cat Tom’s feline friends (Butch, Topsy and Lightning)[1] peek over a fence and then Butch whistles. Tom shows them a sign with “Nobody home” written on it. The felines run to the house, sneaking while passing a...

Tom and Jerry – Pent-House Mouse

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 Pent-House Mouse In the cartoon, Tom is seen living the high life in a penthouse, while Jerry is seen with an empty stomach looking for food. Jerry sees a lunchbox at a construction site and jumps into it to have a m...

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