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Tom and Jerry – Polka-Dot Puss

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 Polka-Dot Puss Mammy enquires if Tom has got a cold. Tom nods and sneezes again. Mammy has a change of heart and allows Tom to sleep inside for the night, but gives the cat a stern warning that she’d wash his mouth w...

Tom and Jerry – Two Little Indians

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 Two Little Indians The cartoon opens with two mice, both resembling Nibbles, dressed as Indians (one with a blue feather, the other w/ a red feather) and walking toward Jerry’s house. They knock on the door and hand ...

Tom and Jerry – Royal Cat Nap

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 Royal Cat Nap This is another one of the cartoons set in Paris. The king is sleeping peacefully in his bed, then Jerry and Tuffy climb a nearby table. However, Tuffy loses his balance and grabs Jerry’s outfit, but ca...

Tom and Jerry– Duel Personality

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 Duel Personality In a mansion, Tom is whacking at Jerry with a heavy ball attached to a rope. The fourth time he swings, Tom hits a loose floorboard and sends Jerry into a clothes drawer. Tom is drawing back for anot...

The Tom and Jerry Show Episode 16 Domestic Kingdom; Molecular Breakup

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“Domestic Kingdom” Tom stars in a documentary that mischaracterizes his daily activities. All of his daily activities, from chasing Jerry to “romancing” Toodles are recorded.“Molecular Breakup” Dr. Bigby invents a tra...

Tom and Jerry – The Bodyguard

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 The Bodyguard The cartoon opens with Tom chasing Jerry. Jerry hides behind a potato mound in a garden when he hears Spike the bulldog call to him. Spike has been caught by a dog catcher and locked in the back of his ...

Tom and Jerry – Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl

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Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl Tom enters to the stage to rapturous applause. Tom bows down and starts conducting the cat orchestra to the overture of “Die Fledermaus”. Jerry emerges from a mouse hole which has a...

Tom and Jerry– Touché, Pussy Cat!

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 Touché, Pussy Cat! The cartoon begins with Tuffy (formerly named Nibbles but voiced by the same actor) walking to the King’s Mouseketeers Headquarters in Paris. Upon reaching the said place, Tuffy becomes excited at ...

Tom and Jerry – Dicky Moe

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 Dicky Moe In a 19th century fishing harbor, the captain of the Komquot is obsessed with catching the great white whale Dicky Moe. His obsession unnerves his crew so badly that they all desert the ship. Shortly afterw...

Tom and Jerry – Guided Mouse-ille

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Guided Mouse-ille Jerry pushes levers on his control panel and an image of a wheel of cheese materializes on the screen. Jerry calls in robot-Jerry (which looks like a truncated yellow pencil) and gives him his missio...

Tom and Jerry Carrtoon: Tom and Jerry: Santa’s Little Helpers

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Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers is a 2014 animated Direct-to-DVD special starring Tom and Jerry, produced by Warner Bros. Animation. 

Tom and Jerry – The Cat Concerto

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The Cat Concerto In a formal concert, Tom, a piano virtuoso, is giving a piano recital of “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2″ by Franz Liszt. Jerry, who is sleeping inside the piano, is rudely awakened by the hammers, then sit...

Tom and Jerry – Triplet Trouble

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Triplet Trouble Tom and Jerry are playing a paddle-string ball, when the doorbell buzzes. Mammy Two Shoes answers the door while Tom and Jerry hide in a drawer. Mammy has adopted “three little fluffy kittens”. Mammy c...

Tom and Jerry – Busy Buddies

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Busy Buddies Jeannie the babysitter is supposed to be looking after an unnamed baby while Joan and George are out. However, she is more interested in talking on the telephone. At first Tom and Jerry take the opportuni...

Tom and Jerry – The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse

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 The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse Tom wakes up in his basket stretches his foot then gets Jerry to fetch him a glass of milk then when Jerry returns he wants him to massarge his shoulders. However, a kitten is delivered t...

The Tom and Jerry Show Episode 6 Belly Achin’; Dog Daze

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Belly Achin’; Dog Daze. More adventures from the cat and mouse pair.

Tom and Jerry Episode 42 – Heavenly Puss

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Heavenly Puss A typically violent chase begins between Tom and Jerry. Tom loosens the carpet and pulls it down, along with it a large upright piano. With no time to react, Tom is squished to death by the piano. Tom’s ...

Tom and Jerry – Life with Tom

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 Life with Tom A mailman delivers two packages and whistles out loud. Tom approaches to see that nothing is in his mailbox. He spots a package in Jerry’s mailbox though, which appears to be a book, and tears it to rev...

Tom and Jerry – The Vanishing Duck

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The Vanishing Duck In a plot reminiscent of 1947′s The Invisible Mouse, Quacker is a singing duck who has been purchased by George, for Joan. After nearly being swallowed alive by Tom when George and Joan are out at d...

Tom and Jerry – Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary

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Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary 1:59 AM: Jerry sleepwalks out of his hole and pulls Tom’s whiskers such that they align themselves on one side of his face. Tom wakes up in puzzlement and pushes his whiskers back to even ...

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