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Supernoobs Episode 22 Parent Teacher Noobs

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Mem and Zen pose as the Noobs’ parents during parent-teacher conferences at school.

Supernoobs Episode 21 Noob Kid in Town

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Kevin transforms into a cat and gets stuck in a tree until a teen boy rescues him and receives a reward from the city, leading the Noobs to attempt to get the same.

Supernoobs Episode 20 Zooper Noobs!

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The Noobs travel to an alien zoo with Mem and Zen, only to be captured and put into a exhibit by the zoo’s owner.

Supernoobs Episode 19 Noobot vs. Venabot

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When Count Venamus returns with a giant robot, and a plan to use a virus pod meteor shower to infect the planet, the Noobs turn the Galacticus into a giant robot to stop him.

Supernoobs Episode 18 License to Noob

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The Noobs pilot the Galacticus into space to get medicine for Mem and Zen’s infected eyes, and end up helping a space princess overthrow an evil dictator.

Supernoobs Episode 17 Superdoods!

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Mem and Zen decide to become directors and create a TV show based on their adventures with the Noobs.

Supernoobs Episode 14 Dude, Where’s My Noob?

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The Noob’s battleballs have been misplaced and they must find them so they can be presented to the Benevolent Alliance.

Supernoobs Episode 13 The Noobs Meet Count Venamus

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The Noobs, Mem, and Zen go to the Virus Warrior Recruiter Awards where a villain known as Count Venamus infects the other new warriors making them fight one another to the death.

Supernoobs Episode 12 How to Care for Your Noob

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Shope and Tyler lose their guinea pig during Home Ec Class forcing Kevin to pose as a guinea pig while Tyler and Roach track down the real one so Shope can get her “easy A.”

Supernoobs Episode 9-10- 11 Who, What, Where and Noob – Shake Your Noobie

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Who, What, Where and Noob ~ Shope is turned invisible after being exposed to the Galacticus cloaking generator and they must turn her visible again before her parents send her to boarding school.&Shake Your Noobie...

Supernoobs Episode 7-8 Noob Kids on the Block – Fourth Down and Noob to Go

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Noob Kids on the Block ~ The Noobs are forced to compete in a singing and dancing competition at their school while a new strain of the virus has infected the school’s glee club.&Fourth Down and Noob to Go ~ The N...

Supernoobs Episode 5-6 Go Noob Outside – Curb Your Noob

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Go Noob Outside ~ The Noobs want a new video game called BattleNuts 4 but instead are forced to play outside instead.&Curb Your Noob ~ Due to a malfunction in his battle ball, Kevin becomes stuck as a dog and is c...

Supernoobs Episode 3-4 Super Noob Suits – Noobies vs. Smoothies

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Super Noob Suits ~ The Noobs struggle to find cool disguises to hide their identities when fighting the virus which leads to a costume creating competition.&Noobies vs. Smoothies ~ Tyler goes on a date with his lo...

Supernoobs Episode 1-2 A Noob Hope – The Noobs Strike Back

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A Noob Hope ~ Four friends meet two aliens and are given special devices called Battleballs which give each of them superpowers and must stop an alien virus from infecting every living creature on the planet.&The ...

Supernoobs Episode 16 When Good Noobs Go Bad

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Roach’s battleball malfunctions, transforming him into an evil super villain bent on dominating the Earth.

Supernoobs Episode 15 Tyrannosaurus Noob

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While on a field trip to the museum, the Tyrannosaurus skeleton gets infected by the virus and comes to life.