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Sonic Boom Episode 38 New Year’s Retribution

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New Year’s Retribution. Eggman aims to earn a victory over Sonic before the turn of the new year.

Sonic Boom Episode 37 Next Top Villain

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Next Top Villain. Dave takes over Eggman’s army of robots after Eggman gets trapped in a cage he invented.

Sonic Boom Episode 36 Beyond the Valley of Cubots

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Beyond the Valley of Cubots. After Cubot meets prototypes of himself, rejected by Eggman, he stays with them, and Sonic and Tails agree to protect the prototypes from Eggman.

Sonic Boom Episode 35 Two Good to Be True

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Two Good to Be True. In a alternate dimension, Knuckles is the smart leader of the team, but an accident causes him to end up in the normal dimension.

Sonic Boom Episode 34 Just a Guy

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Just a Guy. After Sonic calls Mike “just a guy”, Amy sets up a seminar to help him develop a more sensitive attitude.

Sonic Boom Episode 33 Eggman the Auteur

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Eggman the Auteur. Eggman creates a film concerning his and Sonic’s rivalry.

Sonic Boom Episode 32 Mayor Knuckles

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Mayor Knuckles. Knuckles assumes temporary mayorship of the town, but passes too many laws, causing conflict in the town.

Sonic Boom Episode 31 Closed Door Policy

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Closed Door Policy. Amy forces Sticks to have a garage sale, but accidentally sets free a horde locked in her burrow.

Sonic Boom Episode 30 Chili Dog Day Afternoon

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Chili Dog Day Afternoon. Sonic and friends hold a contest to find out which Chilidog they like the most.

Sonic Boom Episode 28 Blue With Envy

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Blue With Envy. Sonic is banished from town after losing to a popularized shrew named Swifty in a race, but is quickly rescinded after Swifty cheats, turning out to be one of several robot shrews created by Eggman.

Sonic Boom Episode 27 Chez Amy

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Chez Amy. Amy starts up her own restaurant to rival Dave’s Meh Burger.

onic Boom Episode 26 Eggman Unplugged

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Eggman Unplugged. Eggman stops using his technology after failing to defeat Sonic and friends, after which the The Lighting Bolt Society steals it.

Sonic Boom Episode 25 Into the Wilderness

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Into the Wilderness. Sonic and Knuckles compete against Amy and Sticks to win a race through the jungle.

Sonic Boom Episode 24 Late Fees

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Late Fees. Sonic hurries to return Amy’s library book before she gets fined.

Sonic Boom Episode 23 Let’s Play Musical Friends

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Let’s Play Musical Friends. When a virus invades Eggman’s equipment, Orbot and Cubot set out to stop it.

Sonic Boom Episode 22 The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple

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The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple.

Sonic Boom Episode 21 Sleeping Giant

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Sleeping Giant.

Sonic Boom Episode 20 Hedgehog Day

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Hedgehog Day.Eggman’s new machine causes an infinite time loop.

Sonic Boom Episode 19 Sole Power

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Sole Power. When Sonic’s speed produces a deafening tone, Eggman gives him some new shoes, but Sonic’s friends think the shoes are a trap.

Sonic Boom Episode 18 Dr. Eggman’s Tomato Sauce

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Dr. Eggman’s Tomato Sauce. Eggman makes some tomato sauce for the local village, but Sonic and his friends think there is something suspicious with the can.

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