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American Dad! Season 7 Episode 1 Hot Water

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 Hot Water. This episode is narrated by Cee Lo Green. Stressed out by his family and his obligations, Stan allows Principal Lewis to take him shopping for a hot tub at the Little Shop of Hot Tubs. Stan is drawn to a u...

Sekirei: Pure Engagement Episode 8 English Dubbed

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Kusa’s Play.Minato and Musubi meet with Karasuba while shopping. Later on, Minato runs an errand with Kusano, but she gets distracted by a cat and runs off to the hospital, where she meets Chiho, Uzume’s Ashikabi.

Sekirei Special English Dubbed

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Kusano’s First Shopping Trip Musubi and Tsukiumi have another race to the supermarket. Kusano decides to join the race and win it so that she deserves to sit next to Minato during dinner. Kusano does not do so well in...

Eureka Seven Episode 9 English Dubbed

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Into the Nature A Coralian appears over the town of South Ailess, and Gekkostate decides to investigate. Meanwhile, Dewey’s new unit, the Nirvash typeTheEND, and its pilot, Anemone, also head towards South Ailess with...

Eureka Seven Episode 8 English Dubbed

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Paper Moon Shine After landing at Ciudades del Cielo, an altercation between Renton and Holland leads to Renton running off into the city, where he discovers the truth of what happened there and the origins of Gekkost...

Eureka Seven Episode 7 English Dubbed

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Absolute Defeat Gekkostate’s hazing of Renton continues; he is sent on a “mission of utmost importance”, which is a front for a drawn-out prank that eventually involves Moondoggie as well. Meanwhile, KLF squads are b...

Eureka Seven Episode 5 English Dubbed

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Vivid Bit Renton goes with Talho and Hilda on a routine shopping errand, but when Talho gets drunk and into trouble, it’s up to Renton to protect her by piloting a combat LFO for the first time.