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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 English Dubbed

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Makoto –Sailor Jupiter– One day, Usagi is saved from being hit by a car by a girl wearing another school’s uniform. She reveals herself to be a transfer student named Makoto Kino. Although the others in Makoto’s class...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 English Dubbed

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Masquerade Dance Party. Luna overhears Usagi’s classmates talk about how a princess from the kingdom of D will be exhibiting a secret treasure during a dinner party, believing it to be related to the Moon Princess and...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 English Dubbed

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Rei –Sailor Mars– Queen Beryl calls out Jadeite for his failures, before revealing to him and two other dark kings, Nephrite and Zoisite, that the Legendary Silver Crystal is said to contain immense power. Meanwhile, ...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 English Dubbed

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Ami –Sailor Mercury– Ami Mizuno, a particularly gifted student at Juban Middle School, is envious of Usagi’s ability to make friends. Meanwhile, Jadeite, the shadowy man from before, is ordered by his leader, Queen Be...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1 English Dubbed

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Usagi –Sailor Moon– While running to Juban Middle School, teenager Usagi Tsukino briefly encounters a cat with a crescent-shaped bald patch on its forehead after tripping over it. Elsewhere, a shadowy man creates a wo...

Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose Movie

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When Mamoru was little he gave a rose to a little boy named Fiore. Fiore promised that one day he would bring Mmoru lots of flowers. Now Fiore has come back to earth but his intentions are not merely to fufil a promise