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RWBY Volume 1 Episode 10 Black and White

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Blake explains to Sun her history with the White Fang and how she was a member since she was a child, but left some time after a change of leadership five years before turned the group violent. Elsewhere, Ruby and Yan...

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 9 The Stray

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Team RWBY walks around the city of Vale during preparations for the Vytal Festival. Weiss leads them to the port, where a ship from one of the other kingdoms had just arrived. When they arrive, they notice the scene o...

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 8 Forever Fall

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In their dorm room, Team JNPR is concerned about Jaune’s recent tendency to be home late. Jaune is peeking in when Ruby comes up to Jaune from behind and asks him about he has been doing. Jaune vaguely describes his s...

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 4 The Emerald Forest

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Yang is walking through the forest and encounters two bear-like Grimm, Ursas. She defeats one, while Blake eliminates the other. Elsewhere, Weiss is also fighting the Grimm surrounding her, when Ruby gets in front of ...

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 3 The First Step

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Nora wakes up Ren, and continually monologues about being teammates with him as he goes about his morning. They walk by Yang and Ruby, who are at their lockers also talking about teams as well. Instead of teaming up, ...

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 2 The Shining Beacon

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Yang and Ruby arrive at Beacon Academy, but Yang quickly leaves Ruby alone to hang with friends. Ruby subsequently bumps into Weiss after knocking over some of her cases of Dust. Weiss starts scolding Ruby for this un...

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 1 Ruby Rose

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In the prologue, the narrator explains how humans originated into this world, and began a battle against the creatures known as the Grimm. Humans eventually discovered a power called “Dust” and used it to repel the Gr...