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Monkey Magic Episode 9 English Dubbed

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The Mighty Power Rod. Kongo and Lord Refang begin their fight. Kongo continuously scurries in fear, while Refang himself almost purposely in perception destroys many of the heavenly pillars holding up the roof of the ...

Monkey Magic Episode 13 English Dubbed

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Slimelord, The Monster Eel. After the little girl “Runlay” stole Sanzoh and effectively placed him before Slime Lord, Slime Lord would then make the preparations of boiling Sanzoh as a specific type of food — an actio...

Monkey Magic Episode 12 English Dubbed

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The Quest Begins. After both Sanzoh and Kongo had continued on their journey westward, they soon ran into this little girl who is an apparition. Kongo flees after her, for he knows that she is truly a demon dragon onl...

Monkey Magic Episode 11 English Dubbed

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Sanzoh to the Rescue. After Kongo is subdued for over the time period of 50 decades, Lady Blossom had regularly appeared before Kongo at random times as a canary to feed Kongo and deliver him insight — never at any po...

Monkey Magic Episode 10 English Dubbed

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The Invincible Guardian. The Celestial Heavens, nearly in flames by Kongo’s anger over his job. Goddess Blossom plays along acting as she had been defeated until Kongo had even gone to the extent of holding the Jade E...

Monkey Magic Episode 8 English Dubbed

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Peach Party Pandemonium. A huge party is held in the Celestial Heavens! Will Kongo be able to make the party in time for his arrival?

Monkey Magic Episode 7 English Dubbed

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Supervisor of The Imperial Stable. Facing one of the strongest warriors in all of the Celestial Heavens, Kong must defeat him in order to realize his wish. Will Kongo overcome this newest opponent?!

Monkey Magic Episode 5 English Dubbed

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The Celestial Fleet Cruises Out. Kongo organizes a special team of monkey commandos to intercept the Celestial Heavens’ warships. Capturing one of the ships, Kongo begins his attack upon the fleet. In the Celestial He...

Monkey Magic Episode 4 English Dubbed

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Duel With Prince Nata. Prince Nata stops Kongo, and they begin to fight! Kongo uses the cloning technique, tricks Prince Nata, and goes back home to save everyone. Prince Nata eventually arrives to defeat Kongo in a r...

Monkey Magic Episode 6 English Dubbed

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The Celestial Heavens. While Kongo accepts this honor, he later finds out that his job is the lowest ranking one in all of Celestial Heavens. Furious, Kongo demands the Prime Minister’s job.

Monkey Magic Episode 3 English Dubbed

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Zooming On The Jet Cloud. Kongo gets excited after he sees the master on a cloud, thinking that would be his new technique that he would have to learn. Thus, he follows Subodye through the forest, and finds his little...

Monkey Magic Episode 2 English Dubbed

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Wild Trance-formation. As Stone Monkey climbs the mountain, Subodye’s disciples stop him. They challenge him. Stone Monkey passes their test, but they won’t let him through. Subodye sees this and takes action, letting...

Monkey Magic Episode 1 English Dubbed

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Enter Stone Monkey. Dearth Voyd discovers that a meteor is going to fall on the Earth. So, he sends Batty to find the Meteor and bring it back for his use. Meanwhile, an egg begins to hatch on top of a mountain that c...