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Sekirei: Pure Engagement Episode 11 English Dubbed

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Preparations for the Festival.Minato asks Takami for help to treat a sick Chiho after secretly receiving data from Higa. However, Minaka decided to use it as part of the Sekirei Plan and summoned all active Sekireis a...

Sekirei: Pure Engagement Episode 2 English Dubbed

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The Wind Blows.Tensions in the city continue to escalate. Minato and Tsukiumi go to visit his sister Yukari when they are attacked by Haihane, who draws Tsukiumi away. Left alone, Benitsubasa captures Minato in an at...

Sekirei: Pure Engagement Ova English Dubbed

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Two-Topic Gossip.It is Sekirei Examination Day for all Sekirei, and Musubi, Kusano, Tsukiumi, Kazehana compete in their measurements (except for Matsu since she is wanted by MBI). Benitsubasa is frustrated that she is...

Sekirei Episode 11 English Dubbed

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The Sekirei Symbol Disappears Karasuba and her Ashikabi, Natsuo Ichinomi, discuss the relationship between Musubi and Sekirei #08, Yume. The escape plan commences. Matsu rushes to the scene on her motorcycle and saves...

Sekirei Episode 8 English Dubbed

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The Closed Capital Sekirei #95, Kuno, and her Ashikabi Haruka Shigi attempt to escape Tokyo despite a lockdown, but are pursued by MBI soldiers and members of the Disciplinary Squad. While Uzume visits her Ashikabi, ...

Sekirei Episode 5 English Dubbed

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The Water Sekirei The mysterious girl turns out to be Matsu, a Sekirei who has been hiding at the Inn. Matsu becomes Minato’s third Sekirei. Minato has dreams of another Sekirei, later identified as Tsukiumi, a Sekire...