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Avatar: The Legend of Korra Season 1 Air Episode 10 Turning the Tides

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Turning the Tides. After recovering from her abduction, Korra reveals that Tarrlok is Yakone’s son and explains how she barely escaped from Amon when he arrived and took Tarrlok’s bending. Asami finally questions Mak...

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Season 1 Air Episode 5 The Spirit of Competition

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The Spirit of Competition. Korra and the Fire Ferrets are playing in the Pro-Bending tournament, against the Wolfbats, thanks to their sponsor, Hiroshi Sato. Mako is dating Asami Sato, much to Korra’s disappointment. ...

Avatar Book 1 Water Episode 3

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The Southern Air Temple Due to an interest in reliving his old memories, Aang suggests a visit to the Southern Air Temple. He tells stories of his old mentor, Monk Gyatso, as well as sports and games that Airbenders u...

Sekirei Episode 6 English Dubbed

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Maison Izumo’s Flower War Tsukiumi attacks Minato to prove that she doesn’t need an Ashikabi, but she cannot release her full power. Hibiki and Hikari show her the power of fully winged Sekirei using their Norito, but...

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Episode 2 English Dubbed

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Innocents at the Table. At the same day, but on a different location, Honda Masazumi has an encounter with an android known as P-01. As the Musashi docks at the city of Mikawa, Toori keeps discussing with his classmat...