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Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Season 2 Episode 13 Darkness Rises

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Darkness Rises. Team Stax unknowingly locate Lokar’s new lair. They discover that Lokar survived the explosion since his old lair was destroyed. They also find out that Team Hiverax works for Lokar. Team Hiverax find...

Horizon In the middle of Nowhere Episode 5 English Dubbed

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Graduates Under the Moon. Tachibana Muneshige of Trés España confronts and defeats Tadakatsu with his Mortal Sin Armament, the Lype Katathlipse, but fails to prevent the city of Mikawa from being obliterated, with onl...

Transformers Prime Season 1 Episode 9 Out of His Head

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Ratchet concludes his tests on Optimus Prime and gives their leader a clean bill of health. Optimus thanks Ratchet and Bumblebee, while Arcee is unsure whether she managed to successfully end Megatron’s life during th...