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American Dad! Season 8 Episode 16 The Boring Identity

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The Boring Identity. After a failed CIA raid at a restaurant where Osama bin Laden is working, Stan loses his memory, which Francine takes full advantage of for him to become the perfect husband. Meanwhile, Roger join...

American Dad! Season 7 Episode 16 The Kidney Stays in the Picture

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 The Kidney Stays in the Picture. Stan fears that he might not be Hayley’s real dad, so he travels back in time to find out who might be. Alas, he disrupts events back then and must undo them to avoid changing the fut...

American Dad! Season 6 Episode 16 Jenny Fromdabloc

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 Jenny Fromdabloc. Steve and Roger try to cheer up Snot after Hayley rejects him. Meanwhile, Stan tries to live like a man of the 1960s.

Avatar Book 2 Earth Episode 16

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Appa’s Lost Days This episode starts during the events of “The Library”. It shows Appa’s abduction and his various adventures over the next few weeks. These include performing in a Fire Nation circus, fleeing from a ...

Angry Birds Toons Episode 16 Double Take

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Double Take. When The Blues are left alone with the nest, something always goes wrong.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 16 Butt Dial

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Butt Dial.Mordecai accidentally calls Margaret and hunts to find her phone and delete the message. This causes him and Rigby to get caught inside the mystical world of messaging where they face the risk of permanent d...

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Episode 16 The Kairu Vessel

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The Kairu Vessel. Team Stax discovers the fragmented remains of the Kairu Vessel Ky’s father launched to Earth years ago and they must battle the Imperiaz for it.