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Mr Bean the Animated Series Episode 13 – Roadworks

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Roadworks, Roadworks outside of Mr. Bean’s flat cause him grief, and so he goes to stop the road workers.

The Simpsons Season 12 Episode 13 – Day of the Jackanapes

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Krusty announces his retirement due to interference from network executives and the growing popularity of the big-money game show “Me Wantee”, but when Krusty reveals to Sideshow Bob that all of the episodes featuring...

The Simpsons Season 7 Episode 13 – Two Bad Neighbors

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Two Bad Neighbors Former president George Bush moves to Springfield and Bart starts to annoy him. One day Bush loses control and spanks Bart. Homer, who had been jealous of the attention Bush had been receiving, is ou...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode 13 – Love Mummy

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Love Mummy The Aqua Teens are disturbed from their slumber in the middle of the night by the howling of something in their crawlspace. The next day, Frylock and Meatwad investigate and soon discover that an ancient Eg...

Aeon Flux Episode 13 – Chronophasia

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Chronophasia Æon’s sense of reality is shattered when she finds herself trapped in an underground facility with an ancient, and possibly evil force.

Biker Mice From Mars 2006 Episode 13 – Driver’s Ed

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Driver’s Ed The Biker Mice’s bikes have been stolen and they are faced with having to drive a VW Van. The only thing in their way is they don’t know how to drive. Now the Biker Mice must learn to drive or be run off t...

Animals of Farthing Wood Season 1 Episode 13 – So Near And Yet So Far

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So Near And Yet So Far When escaping the church some of the animals took the wrong turn and ended up in the opposite direction to the rest of the group. However this also happens to be further into the town. Badger an...

American Dad! Season 8 Episode 13 For Black Eyes Only

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For Black Eyes Only. In part 2 of the Tearjerker saga, Sexpun T’come is shot and killed by the Black Villain (Principal Lewis). Stan must now team up with Tearjerker to stop Black Villain’s plan to melt the Arctic gla...

American Dad Season 7 Episode 13 Dr. Klaustus

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 Dr. Klaustus.Roger acts as the family therapist as his alter-ego “Dr. Penguin” until he is sent out to fight the war in Iraq. Klaus decides to take Roger’s role while he is away, but not without major ruckus being ca...

American Dad! Season 9 Episode 13 I Am the Walrus

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I Am the Walrus.Steve challenges Stan for family dominance. Meanwhile, Jeff and Hayley try marriage counseling.  School Lies.Roger sells the daughter of a senator and golf partner of Stan’s into white slavery.

American Dad! Season 1 Episode 13 – Stan of Arabia: Part 2

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Stan of Arabia: Part 2 Stan has renounced his American citizenship to live in Saudi Arabia, though his family finds themselves in their own awkward situations that lead them to getting sentenced to death by stoning. M...

Avatar Book 3 Fire Episode 13

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The Firebending Masters Zuko prepares to teach Aang Firebending, but for unknown reasons can’t Firebend. He and Aang travel to the temples of the extinct Sun Warriors to learn about the ancient origin of Firebending. ...

Avatar Book 2 Earth Episode 18

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The Earth King The gang breaks into the Earth King’s palace to tell him about the war that had been going on without his knowledge. The gang tries repeatedly to persuade the Earth King to believe them, succeeding onl...

Avatar Book 2 Earth Episode 13

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The Drill Aang discovers a Fire Nation drill heading straight for Ba Sing Se, with Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai inside. An Earth Kingdom General gives him the task of stopping it before it destroys the wall that protects th...

Avatar Book 1 Water Episode 13

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The Blue Spirit Sokka suffers from an illness due to his exposure to the elements during the storm. When Katara begins to contract the illness as well, Aang goes to a nearby herbalist institute in hopes of finding a c...

Angry Birds Toons Episode 13 Gardening with Terence

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Gardening with Terence. Terence casts an ominous shadow over Matilda’s flower beds. Can she get him to move before her prize blooms wilt?

Gravity Falls Episode 18 Land Before Swine

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Land Before Swine. When a prehistoric beast snatches Waddles, it’s up to Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, and Old Man McGucket to journey to a mysterious land trapped in time to rescue him.

Gravity Falls Episode 17 Boyz Crazy

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Boyz Crazy. When Mabel discovers that her favorite boy band is actually a bunch of imprisoned clones, she sets them free, only to decide on keeping them for herself. Meanwhile, Dipper is convinced that Robbie plans to...

Gravity Falls Episode 13 Boss Mabel

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Summerween.Dipper and Mabel are excited to join in on the fun when Grunkle Stan throws his annual Summerween party. However, when Wendy casually mentions that trick-or-treating is for kids, Dipper’s whole outlook on t...

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Episode 13 Betrayus Turns The Heat Up

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Seems Like Old Times. Sir Cumference won’t come out of his lab, locks it up and won’t answer the presidents calls. Pac-Man goes to see why and finds out he’s working on a top secret machine but needs slimetainium. Dr....

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