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Dragan Ball Z Special 1 Bardock: The Father of Goku

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Bardock: The Father of Goku. When a low-class Saiyan solider named Bardock unexpectedly inherits the ability to see into the future, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse! Haunted by visions of his own end as w...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 291

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Goku’s Next Journey. Goku and Uub begin to fight, and it’s clear that Uub doesn’t know much about fighting. But as the match goes on, he learns more and more, and is able to go toe to toe with Goku. Uub nearly falls o...

Dragon Ball Z Special 2: The History of Trunks

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The History of Trunks. It has been thirteen years since the Androids began their killing rampage and Son Gohan is the only person fighting back. He takes Bulma’s son Trunks as a student and even gives his own life to ...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 290

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Buu’s Reincarnation. The seeding draw for the tournament begins, and Goku has Majin Buu use his magic to rig it so that he faces the powerful mystery fighter he had talked about. In the first match, Pan faces Wild Tig...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 289

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Granddaughter Pan. Ten years have passed, and Goku is training with Goten, who is now Seventeen, when Bulma and Vegeta show up and Bulma jealous.Goku says that he and Goten will be entering the World Martial Arts Tour...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 288

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He’s Always Late. Bulma has invited everyone to a barbecue at Capsule Corporation, and Goku’s family is ready to leave. The only problem is that Goku is nowhere to be found. Frustrated, Chi Chi and the boys leave with...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 287

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Celebrations With Majin Buu. The Supreme Kai brings Dende back to the world of the Kais. Dende heals Vegeta and Goku. Hercule finds the body of old Buu, and asks Dende to heal him. Vegeta won’t let him, and plans to d...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 286

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Spirit Bomb Triumphant. Goku is ready to throw the Spirit Bomb, but Vegeta is in the way, and, despite Vegeta’s pleas otherwise, he refuses to take out Vegeta along with Buu. Suddenly, old Buu gets up and holds Kid Bu...

Dragon Ball Z Episode 285

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People of Earth Unite. Vegeta continues to plead with the people of earth, but no one will listen to him. Old Buu has finally lost all of his energy, so Vegeta is forced to fight Kid Buu. He is no match for him, and g...

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

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Shortly after the defeat of Majin Buu, Bills, the God of Destruction, awakens after a long slumber. After hearing rumors of a Saiyan warrior who defeated Frieza, he tracks down that warrior, Son Goku. Excited at the p...

Dragon Ball GT Movie 1: A Hero’s Legacy

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One hundred years after the end of Dragon Ball GT, Pan is the only surviving member of the Z Fighters. She takes care of and trains Goku Jr., her one and only grandchild. It is unknown who his parents were nor what ha...

Dragon Ball Z Movie 13: Wrath of the Dragon

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The movie then cuts to Earth as a bank robbery is taking place. The bank robbers are getting away when Great Saiyaman, Gohan’s superhero alter ego, stops the car with his foot and smashes the front end flinging the fe...

Dragon Ball Z Movie 12: Fusion Reborn

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The movie begins with Goku fighting in another Other World Tournament against Pikkon after the Buu saga. At the same time, a teenage “psyche ogre” that is attending the evil-purification machine is distracted with his...

Dragonball Z Movie 11 Bio-Broly

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The film opens with a group of strangely colored humanoids emerging from tanks in a laboratory. The scientists responsible for these creations are congratulated by their employer, Mr. Jaguar, who plans to make these “...

Dragonball Z Movie 10 – Broly – Second Coming

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he film opens with a Saiyan Space pod flying through space and crash-landing on Earth out of which a wounded Saiyan crawls out: Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. The wounded Broly shouts out in frustration and turns ...

Dragon Ball Z Movie 9 – Bojack Unbound

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Bojack is the main villain of the movie. His goal is to conquer the universe and destroy all those that stand in his way. According to King Kai, he was sealed by all four Kais in a star, but when Goku teleported the d...

Dragonball Z Movie 8 The Legendary Super Saiyan

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This story begins at a picnic, during a painful singing session courtesy of Krillin, when a massive ship arrives. Out comes Paragus, one of the few surviving Saiyans. He invites Vegeta to rule a new Planet Vegeta. Veg...

Dragonball Z Movie 7 Super Android 13 Movie

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he film opens with the introduction showing the death of Dr. Gero at the hands of the Androids 17 and 18, and also revealing that Gero is still around in the form of an underground computer, still working on three new...

Dragonball Z Movie 6 Return of Cooler

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A few years prior, the tyrant Frieza destroyed the Planet Namek during his battle with the newly transformed Super Saiyan Goku. The peaceful Namekians found themselves without a home for months. Eventually they had a ...

Dragonball Z Movie 4 Lord Slug Movie

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Piccolo and Gohan arrive and square off against Slug’s goon squad, only to be defeated. All hope seems lost, until Goku and Krillin show up, and they easily defeat Slug’s men. With all his men defeated, Lord Slug emer...

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