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Dog & Scissors Episode 12 English Dubbed

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Dogs and Scissors Require Good Handling. After being ignored on her way in, Suzuna suggests if Kirihime will now make her public debut and discuss other future plans. Additionally, Suzuna prepares Kirihime’s wardrobe ...

Dog & Scissors Episode 11 English Dubbed

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A Dog by Chance Is Preordained. Madoka is again to cook curry for Kazuhito, much to his fright. But after sniffing Madoka’s cooking, Kazuhito felt at ease for the time being until he found out that Madoka is actually ...

Dog & Scissors Episode 9 English Dubbed

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There Is No Smoke Without Dog. As she is continued to be bothered by the mobs and her stalker, Kirihime and Kazuhito found an extra book in the former’s library—a book of an author named Hotaru Fujimaki. After examini...

Dog & Scissors Episode 10 English Dubbed

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Time Flies Like a Dog. Prior to the event of his death, Kazuhito once read a manuscript of a timid Hami Ohsawa. With Kazuhito’s encouragement, Hami promises to become an author using the manuscript Kazuhito read. Back...

Dog & Scissors Episode 8 English Dubbed

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Dogs in Moderation. Kirihime and Kazuhito arrive in a hot spring inn, as well as Madoka whom Kirihime invited. After settling in, Kirihime felt frustrated as she is constantly hindered by her acquaintances in her adva...

Dog & Scissors Episode 7 English Dubbed

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The Dog Would Not Be Shot but for Its Cries. Kazuhito is told by Kirihime to help look for her lost bra. After Kirihime punishes Kazuhito for trying to get her scent, Suzuna joins the search as Kazuhito ditches to rea...

Dog & Scissors Episode 6 English Dubbed

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Rain Settles the Dog. Kazuhito learns from Yayoi, the younger sister of the cashier of Honda Booksellers, Sakura, that they might be leaving the city. In her apartment, Kazuhito shares to Kirihime the story of his fir...

Dog & Scissors Episode 3 English Dubbed

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The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire. Waking up from a nightmare, Kazuhito meets Kirihime’s masochistic editor, Suzuna Hiiragi, who tells Kirihime of a slasher currently on the loose. After tormenting Kazuhito for reali...

Dog & Scissors Episode 5 English Dubbed

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Nothing Ventured, No Dog Gained. Facing the author whom she thought to have caused his brother’s death, Kirihime questions Madoka if her recent actions would have made her brother happy knowing that he is one of her r...

Dog & Scissors Episode 4 English Dubbed

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Drowning Men Clutch at Dogs. As Kirihime loses the supposed slasher during her pursuit, Madoka acts strangely towards Kazuhito, whom he initially believed that she is aware that he is currently a dog but actually isn’...

Dog & Scissors Episode 2 English Dubbed

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Strike While the Dog Is Hot. After being teased of wearing a pet collar and scaring and ignoring passersby respectively, Kirihime and Kazuhito arrive at the latter’s former apartment. Kirihime deduced that the man who...

Dog & Scissors Episode 1 English Dubbed

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Every Dog Has His Day. Kazuhito Harumi is a teenage boy with an obsession of books, particularly the ones written by his favorite author, Shinobu Akiyama. One day, Kazuhito is shot dead in a cafe during a robbery afte...