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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode 6 – Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto

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 Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto Frylock is repeatedly transmitting the first few notes of La Cucaracha through a satellite dish on the roof of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s house when he receives a response in the fo...

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II Episode 1 English Dubbed

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Club Members in Scarlet. To escape the vicious attack of the Tres España forces, the Musashi sets course to the territorial waters of England. However, as the English have a neutral position in the conflict between th...

Horizon In the middle of Nowhere Episode 12 English Dubbed

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Opposition Against Crossing Over the Parallel Lines. Muneshige gains the opportunity to end the conflict when he is about to take down the Musashi with a direct shot, but Futayo, who was beaten by him, rises up again ...

Pokemon Season 16 Best Wishes! Episode 11 Unrest at the Nursery!

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Unrest at the Nursery! While still staying at Cynthia’s Unova Holiday Home and training for the Unova League conference, Ash and the gang come across a fighting pair of Rufflet and Vullaby. It turns out they have both...

Transformers Prime Season 1 Episode 19 One Shall Rise Part 1

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As Megatron is about the finish Optimus off, the other Autobots appeared through the GroundBridge to rescue Optimus. Taking their battered leader back to base where they puzzled over the presence of Dark Energon on Ea...