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Clarence Episode 45 Where the Wild Chads Are

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Where the Wild Chads Are. Chad takes Clarence camping, however the trip goes wrong when Clarence dumps all of the contents in Chads backpack in the river hoping to see his wild side.

Clarence Episode 44 Water Park

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Water Park. The trio go to “Squirty’s Moist Mountain Water Park”. Clarence finds out the truth about his idol Squirty, while Jeff and Sumo wait in line for the Churd Churner.

Clarence Episode 43 Tuckered Boys

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Tuckered Boys. The boys stay up all night to see a meteor shower.

Clarence Episode 42 Chalmers Santiago

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Chalmers Santiago. Clarence has to deliver mail to his mysterious neighbor, known only as Chalmers Santiago. However, nobody has ever seen them.

Clarence Episode 41 Lil Buddy

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Lil Buddy. Clarence’s life spirals out of control when he gets in trouble for playing with his “Lil Buddy” doll.

Clarence Episode 40 Hairence

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Clarence Episode 39 Detention

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Detention. When detention becomes the place to be during recess, Jeff transforms it into a ‘too-cool-for-school’ club.

Clarence Episode 38 Hoofin’ It

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Hoofin’ It. Clarence is not as excited for the annual Aberdale Greased Pig Chase as everyone else.

Clarence Episode 37 Hurricane Dillis

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Hurricane Dillis. Clarence’s Nana drops by for a sudden visit and imposes on his family life.

Clarence Episode 36 Dust Buddies

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Dust Buddies. Belson offers his maid services to Clarence and his Mom.

Clarence Episode 35 Straight Illin

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Straight Illin. Clarence grows increasingly sick after being dared to eat hard-boiled eggs.

Clarence Episode 34 Chimney

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Chimney. The boys befriend a wild dog while playing in the woods.

Clarence Episode 33 Goldfish Follies

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Goldfish Follies. In an episode animated in the style of Fleischer Studios cartoons, Clarence struggles to get his new goldfish into water.

Clarence Episode 32 Goose Chase

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Goose Chase. Clarence feeds birds at the park until he’s interrupted by a greedy goose.

Clarence Episode 31 Turtle Hats

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Turtle Hats. Ms. Baker accidentally assigns the class to do an assignment about “turtle hats”.

Clarence Episode 30 Suspended

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Suspended. After pulling a prank on Ms. Baker, Clarence and Sumo are Suspened for a week.