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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode 17 – Mail-order bride

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Mail-order bride As a Christmas present for themselves, Master Shake and Carl split the cost of a mail-order bride from Chechnya. The bride thinks that they’re weird, and things go bad for them. Meanwhile Meatwad and ...

Biker Mice From Mars 2006 Episode 22 – Desperado

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Desperado After the Catatonians hurt him in battle, Throttle awakens with the belief that he’s in a famous Christmas movie. Now the rest of the Biker Mice must keep him from being captured and get him back to his norm...

American Dad! Season 7 Episode 7 Season’s Beatings

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Season’s Beatings. Stan plays Santa and Roger is Jesus in the mall’s Christmas play. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff adopt a child who turns out to be the Antichrist. The episode serves as a prequel to the season five epis...

American Dad! cartoon online for free, American Dad! Season 6 Episode 104 – For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls Stan gives Steve a gun for Christmas, even though Francine warns him that Steve is too young. As usual, Stan ignores her, and when Steve accidentally shoots Santa, he sends the North Po...

American Dad! Season 5 Episode 87 – Rapture’s Delight

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Stan is upset when he cannot find his family a good seat for a Christmas Day church service, but that proves to be the least of his worries when Stan discovers that he, Roger, and Francine are the last people left on ...

American Dad! Season 3 Episode 50 – The Most Adequate Christmas Ever

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The Most Adequate Christmas Ever Stan dies during his ambition to find the perfect Christmas tree. He arrives in Limbo where he learns his family’s lives are threatened, so he goes to desperate measures to return to E...

American Dad! Season 2 Episode 32 – The Best Christmas Story Never Told

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The Best Christmas Story Never Told With Stan’s Christmas spirit at an all-time low (thanks to special interest groups trying to make the holiday season more politically correct), the Ghost of Christmas Past visits hi...

Angel Beats! Episode 7 English Dubbed

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Yuri gets Naoi, who has joined the SSS, to use hypnosis on Otonashi so he can regain his memories. In life, Otonashi visited his bedridden younger sister Hatsune in the hospital frequently, which he felt was his sole ...

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (2011)

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When Sid accidentally destroys Manny's heirloom Christmas rock and ends up on Santa's naughty list, he leads a hilarious quest to the North Pole to make things right and ends up making things much worse. Now it's up t...