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American Dad Season 8 Episode 2 Killer Vacation

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Killer Vacation.The Smith’s family’s tropical vacation turns out to be anything but relaxing when Stan is assigned a mission to kill the activities director at their resort, whom his boss at the CIA insists is an ex-w...

American Dad! Season 4 Episode 61 – One Little Word

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One Little Word When Stan becomes his boss’ new advisor, he feels like he can’t say no to anything, not even outrageous personal requests. But when Francine gets involved in the situation and his annoying “yes-man” a...

American Dad! Season 2 Episode 38 – Four Little Words

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Four Little Words Stan goes to great lengths to never, ever end up in a situation ending with Francine telling him, “I told you so.” She lets him hook his boss Bullock up with her friend, but when Bullock accidentall...

Gravity Falls Episode 18 Land Before Swine

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Land Before Swine. When a prehistoric beast snatches Waddles, it’s up to Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, and Old Man McGucket to journey to a mysterious land trapped in time to rescue him.

Gravity Falls Episode 17 Boyz Crazy

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Boyz Crazy. When Mabel discovers that her favorite boy band is actually a bunch of imprisoned clones, she sets them free, only to decide on keeping them for herself. Meanwhile, Dipper is convinced that Robbie plans to...

Gravity Falls Episode 13 Boss Mabel

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Summerween.Dipper and Mabel are excited to join in on the fun when Grunkle Stan throws his annual Summerween party. However, when Wendy casually mentions that trick-or-treating is for kids, Dipper’s whole outlook on t...

Regular Show Season 2 Episode 8 Rage Against the TV

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Rage Against the TV.Mordecai and Rigby are about to beat “The Hammer” the supposedly unbeatable last boss in their new video game,but the TV breaks. Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost want to see The Hammer ...

Transformers Prime Season 1 Episode 12 Crisscross

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The episode opens with MECH stalking Airachnaid who quickly outsmarts them and webs them up. She insinuates that she should kill them for what they did to Breakdown as she is an Ex-Decepticon, but quickly changes her ...