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The Simpsons Season 13 Episode 2 – The Parent Rap

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Bart gets in trouble for joyriding in a police car, but feels confident he’ll be let off the hook by Judge Snyder. However, Snyder goes on vacation before ruling his verdict and gets replaced with a coldhearted judge ...

The Simpsons Season 10 Episode 7 – Lisa Gets An A

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While sick from school, Lisa becomes obsessed with a video game and forgets to study for a test on the book The Wind in the Willows. Not willing to fail, she calls upon Bart and Nelson to help her cheat, and getting a...

The Simpsons Season 9 Episode 24 – Lost Our Lisa

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When Bart comes home with some novelty items superglued to his face, Marge takes him to the emergency room, causing Lisa to no longer be able to go the Springfield Museum to see a temporary exhibit with her mother on ...

The Simpsons Season 9 Episode 6 – Bart Star

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When the children of Springfield are deemed to be overweight, many parents place their children in the peewee football team, including Bart. Ned is the coach of the team, until he quits after Homer’s heckling, which u...

The Simpsons Season 8 Episode 19 – Grade School Confidential

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Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel strike up a conversation at a party and take a romantic interest in each other. They try to keep their affair a secret, but Bart sees them kiss. The following day the couple hears Ba...

The Simpsons Season 7 Episode 13 – Two Bad Neighbors

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Two Bad Neighbors Former president George Bush moves to Springfield and Bart starts to annoy him. One day Bush loses control and spanks Bart. Homer, who had been jealous of the attention Bush had been receiving, is ou...