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Aeon Flux Episode 16 – End Sinister

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End Sinister The arrival of an alien spacecraft begins a battle of wills between Æon and Trevor that lasts for centuries.

Aeon Flux Episode 15 – The Purge

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The Purge Æon teams up with an all-woman insurgency and tries to stop Trevor’s plan to give everyone an artificial conscience.

Aeon Flux Episode 14 – Ether Drift Theory

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Ether Drift Theory Trevor creates The Habitat, a place where experimental life forms are kept. Æon and her friend infiltrate it.

Aeon Flux Episode 13 – Chronophasia

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Chronophasia Æon’s sense of reality is shattered when she finds herself trapped in an underground facility with an ancient, and possibly evil force.

Aeon Flux Episode 12 – Reraizure

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Reraizure After a Monican agent is captured, Æon, disguised as a Breen soldier, infiltrates the prison where he’s being kept.

Aeon Flux Episode 11 – The Demiurge

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The Demiurge Monican agents have captured a being called the Demiurge and are preparing to launch it into space. Trevor desires the Demiurge because he believes it will restore peace to Bregna.

Aeon Flux Episode 10 – A Last Time for Everything

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A Last Time for Everything Trevor develops a method for creating human duplicates. It is implied that he had been working on this process for sometime, as his lab is full of multiple copies of a Breen soldier, which a...

Aeon Flux Episode 9 – Thanatophobia

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Thanatophobia The title is the medical term for the fear of death. At the beginning of the episode the timbre of clapping with a maintained tempo is heard as two children throw fists near each other’s faces. The view ...

Aeon Flux Episode 8 – Isthmus

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Isthmus Crypticus Trevor becomes obsessed with and imprisons an anthropomorphic bird creature, while Æon tries to rescue the creature’s mate. Notable for introducing Una, a friend of Æon’s who would later be recast as...

Aeon Flux Episode 7 – Utopia or Deuteranopia?

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Utopia or Deuteranopia? Æon searches for Clavius, the deposed ruler of Bregna, who Trevor has held captive.

Aeon Flux Episode 6 – War

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War Æon is involved in a large battle between Bregna and Monica. After killing many soldiers, Æon is attacked from behind by a Breen fighter who was previously playing dead. With a gun aimed at her head Æon notices an...

Aeon Flux Episode 5 – Tide

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Tide Æon and a red-suited partner are on an offshore facility. Æon is trying to prevent a plug from being removed by a rope key draped from a hovering helicopter by shooting at it, while her partner holds Trevor Goodc...

Aeon Flux Episode 4 – Leisure

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Leisure Æon enters her living quarters to find someone had disturbed a container of eggs she was keeping in her refrigerator. In a kitchen cupboard, she finds a deformed Trevor (or a clone of Trevor) chained up, licki...

Aeon Flux Episode 3 – Mirror

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Mirror Æon is on an assassination mission and infiltrates her target’s home. On her entry she falls over, and notices she is spied on by a security camera. While walking down a hallway she notices a room where the sec...

Aeon Flux Episode 2 – Gravity

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Gravity While Æon and Trevor kiss, Trevor uses his tongue to open up Æon’s fake tooth and place a rolled up picture inside. We find Trevor is in a train and Æon on an airplane flying alongside the train. The two are k...

Aeon Flux Episode 1 – Pilot

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Pilot Æon breaks into a Breen complex in order to assassinate a powerful member of the Breen Government during a battle between Breen Soldiers and at least five other Monican terror agents. She kills many soldiers in ...