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All the Sprite Moves. At Zumaria Castle, the Royal Family of Zumaria are getting ready to move to a new and larger castle and Sofia arrives to help them pack. Vivian’s parents are completely thrilled about the new castle since it has a swimmer’s moat, a three carriage garage, a jousting court, and an enchanting garden. However, Vivian confides in Sofia that she doesn’t want to move because it means she has to leave her music room, her favorite place in the world, behind. To cheer her up, Sofia invites Vivian to Enchancia Castle for dinner, which Vivian agrees to. Upon arriving, Sofia, Vivian, and Crackle look for Clover. They find him in the garden playing with the Wee Sprites. Crackle runs up to Clover and, as usual, smothers him with affection. Sofia introduces Vivian to the Sprites. She also tells her about the time she met them. This proves to be a mistake because, after Sofia leaves to go to dinner after being told it’s ready, Vivian asks the Sprites to help her sabotage her family’s move by making it seem like the new castle is haunted, which they agree to do.