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Makoto –Sailor Jupiter– One day, Usagi is saved from being hit by a car by a girl wearing another school’s uniform. She reveals herself to be a transfer student named Makoto Kino. Although the others in Makoto’s class are too intimidated by her assumed superhuman strength to approach her, Usagi easily befriends her and takes her to the arcade. Motoki entrances Makoto due to his resemblance to an upperclassman Makoto knew. Usagi and the others hear about a bridal shop that is said to be cursed by a possessed mannequin that seduces grooms and kidnaps them. That night, Tuxedo Mask appears before Usagi. He leads her and the others to Makoto as she is cornered by Motoki. Motoki has been possessed by the “cursed bride” monster commanded by Nephrite. Feeling betrayed by Nephrite’s manipulation of her feelings, Makoto regains her spirit when Usagi tells her to believe in love. Makoto gains the power to become Sailor Jupiter and defeats Nephrite and his monster. With Makoto joining the Sailor Guardians, Luna brings out a new magical item known as the Moon Stick. Luna gives the Moon Stick to Usagi. Luna assigns Usagi as the leader of the Sailor Guardians.